What to write in Zubinos Ethics issue? Well here...

Melamine (same as Negative Publicity issue)
HR Issues raised by Kingsley Nu (same as HR)
Unfair Dismissal (same as HR issue)
Fair Trade, but already increased to 98%?
Competitors Rumours (from BPP)
High Calories food (from BPP, labeling solved)
Blaming Maria Todd?
Inflated Forecast
Prada bag

You should be cautious on what you write on Ethics as the report is for Luis Zubinos and the BOD.
FOLLOW THE STEPS TO CREATE "Zubinos 4 Action Framework‏"

Step 1: Compare Zubinos with local coffee shops (not Old Town, see handouts)

Note that Create is opposite of Eliminate. Raise is opposite of Reduce. So start by asking what is the difference between a Starbucks or CoffeeBean and a local coffee shop for a customer.

- Air-con
- Specialty Coffee
- Fair Trade/CSR
- Ambience
- To be seen (transparent environment)

- Table service, encourage self-service
- Hot Kitchen which means No cooking just heat up or microwave.

- Price
- Service
- Quality Control
- Hours opened 24/7/365

- Food Variety
- Unhealthy or dirty shop

Step 2 :Compare Zubinos with Starbucks

- Fair Trade is 98% compare to Starbucks 6%
- Price? as Fair Trade coffee.
- Service (same as above) as Luis Zubino emphasis.
- Food like sandwiches
- Hours opened 24/7/365 (same as above)

- Delivery, catering, etc
- Ice cream, Teh Tarik, Roti canai.



Step 3 : Combine above in a matrix.

No need 2 matrix, see Yellow Tail which compares with premium and lower end wine.

Give a title :-
"Zubinos vs Starbucks and Local Coffee shops
4 Action Framework"

Step 4 : Draw Strategy Canvas

Use 4 Action Frame to plot your canvas. Give a title eg "Zubinos vs Starbucks and Local Coffee shops - Strategy Canvas" . Note title emphasis on Zubinos. Do you need a key?

Note for Fair Trade, mark off Starbucks at 6% and Zubinos at 98% on the vertical axis of the graphs.

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