Financial Management = Killer Subject

Many students resit this paper....This is truly a killer subject.

Tomorrow result release, guess how many had passed and how many had failed?

I have a lot of thoughts inside my head how. Thinking how many students will holding this subject to the next semester.....Will I be one of them who will repeat this course?

Ms. Leong had done her best for us, although that was the last she gonna taught us, still we did not understand this subject very well.....It is too late to pray now the only thing left to do is destresss :P haha

Good Luck everyone(Those who resit Financial Management paper including me!)

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Time Table is Released (Temporary)

Well obviously you all can log into the TARC website and take a look at the TimeTable you will find out that only 1st week schedule available for us. No you do not have eyes problem and do not need check up. And NO problem with your PC either.

The reason for that is,
"Some of the tutorial classes will be closed and combine with other tutorial classes" Tweety said.

So pray hard if you don't want to split from your friends =p Time to mix new friends!!!

Darn it! Everyday except 1 day is not 8am class......
We're gonna "enjoy" the lectures.....

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Who Needs Scholarships?

Hey I have a news about scholarships, its' from JPA and MCA.

I am not too sure about the requirement yet but one of the requirements is FULL TIME studying. That means us. Have to go apply as soon as possible =) So who want to apply?

By the way, for those who are requested to pay back PTPTN loan, pay attention to this. My senior told me that if the letter told us to pay back but we are still studying thus we are unable to repay back now. The only thing left for us to do is to WRITE LETTER to the PTPTN office and ask them to review our applications again.

Don't leave me behind because I also not sure how......Will keep you guys update mean time please gather more information about scholarship and PTPTN loan repayment.

Thank You

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The final round for MU and Chelsea in the EPL already finish ..but the game haven end so soon...The UEFA Champion league final will come May 21 if i not mistaken ..
Again that will be MU fight Chelsea again...
FOR my opinion thats not good for red devil to face the blue..because .MU face chelsea normaly will lose wan ...

I Dunno how to predict this match result wor ..haha..there is too many interest thing question in fact i cant answer it...(Will Ronaldo score for that match ?..will gigs will be the captain and lead the team to be a champion?..,Both team greatest keeper-->van der S. & Cech...)(are the chelsea forgive the EPL cup and concentrate more at UEFA?)

Before the match ..this topic is open for public to comment and predict or tell that which team u support ..who will take the champ/? on it when the match begin..

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This my 1st post ,because im no topic to post at i shall post some info about football la.. a reporter soon.(football news onli )....Last nite is the end of barclays English premier League last round...Champion is out jor..MU our champion ...which beat Wigan 2-0
1st goal is done by C.Ronaldo(penalty),second goal is done when MU substitute Ryan Giggs out ..and Giggs finally prove that he still be able to score ..haha.

Actually MU performance was not too stable .all the way round from UEFA champion league until now ....MU defense must be improve ...But this round final face this noob team .(Wigan)haha..ok la..woNt lose la..another match chelsea draw with bolton ..haha..i quite hapy ..with this news..i long long time din saw Shechenko score le..haha..actually he is a "water product " not really help chelsea a lot ...haha

For MU i duno wat to describe oso..but i feel that referee is more stand at MU side own feel onli wor..Tevez and rooney really boring la..Hello.they both cant score wan..i always saw Ronaldo socre onli ..hopefully next year they can perform better..

If u all have any disagree wif above statement ..FAST!FAST!FAST! COMMENT IT!i shall reply u soon..haha

(SORRY if there is any spelling error )

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Big Mac Chant

I know it is a bit too late to say this McDonald contest but just so you know this contest will be closed at 28 of May 2008!

Big Mac Chant*
McDonald is giving away FREE Big Mac Burgers!! Just by rapping these words in 4 sec!


If you can rap all that in 4 sec then they will give you a FREE Big Mac coupon which is redeemable without any purchases!!

Aiyo easy only just keep practising since you all working and nothing to do and McD is your choice for lunch then why don't you give it a try?

(Source : Big Mac Chant)

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