FDM Hatred Group

I just heard the news that there is a FDM Hatred Group in Facebook, I am shocked! This shows how aggresive are our AFA coursemates....LOL I did not even know this group existed in Facebook....Well really kinda sad as the news been discovered by Mr Tan Vooi Giap now, I am sure he is very upset by this group of people.

Although I am not quite sure how did Mr Tan found out this facebook group, but what is for sure now is he is not very happy...

~~AFA Kids group~~
lol this is the group URL but I believe the title of the group had changed...
Before = "AFA kids who HATE Assignments"
After the news spread = "AFA kids who love Assignments"

I know you all hate FDM but FDM helps you when you come out(after graduate) in working life. All Mr Tan wants to do is to HELP US. You can simply do the assignment and will still not get fail. It is a lot to do, I can't say I like it a lot nor do I hate it. What I do know is that I learnt a lot after doing this FDM. Anyway what's done cannot be undone, so be prepared to face the music guys =

Just to let you know, I heard those of you who had joined the group will get penalized. You will know this by tomorrow lecture.... Sorry for you all...

25th March 2009
Today March 25th Mr Tan announced it during the lecture and he wishes to penalize 2 marks on the person who created the group....Well what do you know? Mr Tan has an informant sms-ed ON THE SPOT to Mr Tan telling him the name and Mr Tan did not exclude informant's name somemore read out loud along with name of the AFA Kids creator!!!

LOL! Now I believe Mr Tan wishes to have a "chat" with him...haha anyway I admire his bold move and use the Networking platform efficiently.

Sorry la if you didn't attend the FDM lecture today you sure miss out who are involved, and I can say you will be surprised! haha!

Thus I also suggest to use the Facebook efficiently by creating a group with the name as "CK Chiau" ^_^

Updates 2 :
Let's support our beloved CK the FDM tutor for group 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, and 12 =)
CK Chiau Group in Facebook

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ken ken said...

wanna know who is he

samseiko said...

lol i also duno him...Too bad lo, but he sure is brave one^^ and also creative!

ken ken said...
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samseiko said...

lol ken....need like this meh... he cannot do anything tats why he create a group to make more impact ma... good approach ma not meh?