I feel like ...

Like....like a NEWSPAPER REPORTER!!!

You know we started this blog with the sole purpose to making class announcement and write up our very own college activities. But now we all started to tell others about us(daily life), and about some companies(internships) that we had worked in before!

Like what Ken had done, he writes about the Orange Internet Sdn Bhd, his part time job. He tell us about what is the company about, and the working environment all in very detail!
Ken's part-time-ship not internship!

Kean Hung shared his experience in Penang accounting company that he works for his internship.
Read about it here :
Kean Hung's internship

Last but not least Peik Teng, she writes about audit company in Jalan Ipoh.
Read about it here :
Peik Teng's Bad-Internship-Experience

I believe if we all keep this up we all will end up writing more companies reviews and tell potential employees the information they need to know before they walk in to work for that particular company; what i meant is that

So you tell me, are we not college student reporters in TARC? Stay tune for more hot juicy news!

I would be very happy to gather all information or experiences that you wished to share with the rest of the world. Of course particularly RIGHT NOW we are focus on Malaysia....

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