Did martial art is your second interest beside STUDY!?

Every person will have their own way of relaxing themself beside keep stay at home study.Some choose to play football,badminton ..and most of guy will choose basketball as their main sport.
But why martial art become less practice by most of student nowadays..especially for karate..At tarc..I started realized that tarcian choose to join..taekwando more tahn karate..
Actually..Kl branch shito ryu karate club.has been close down..for a long period (I think so).Because their noticeboard no people manage for long time ago.

Maybe probably is the fees problem .and people attitude (how they look about karate)..When i organise orientation recruitment for karate club..still remember got a student come and ask whether karate danger or not.and somemore ask me some noncense..oh god.please la.=.=
martial art where got such danger or not..Martial art is a kind of philosophy which can build personal strength and confidence .

Recently I noticed that Tarc had karate club recruitment..but sound no people interesting at all.But i definetely agreed the most of time people join taekwando more than karate.Again it need to see the people interest itself.There are a lot of other martial art .like wushu..kickboxing..juet kune do, judo and so on.

Western martial art is quite popular nowsday.but as student not afford to pay high training fee for that.They had their own way of style that totally different from karate..There are some stylish kicking which karate unable to do so.Karate still mainly focus on hand and punch.If you all loves kicking should go for western martial art.which able to learn like roundhouse kick,turning kick..so on.

Here Im take an opportunity say that Sensei Mori is the founder of Malaysia Shito Ryu Karate Do which contribute his energy and love on MASK karate..may he rest in peace.

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Anonymous said...

karate club is closed again