Khai Shin's Funny Intership Experience!!

(Source:Khai Shin's Blog)

Here are some of the sneek-peek of her working environment in PWC(Penang) ...

Her comment was:
"Our office's pantry...luv the 'platinum' coffee machine...making drinks have never been simpler!!"

My Opinion : From the picture i can see got a nice view to enjoy while drinking coffee XD

"See how we messed up client's office..Haha!! That whole stack of files are juz a tiny part of my work...imagine that!!" Complaint by her... LOL

Now let's listen to what she gonna say.....

Haha...wondering why I say so?? Be patient...juz read the lyrics below...itz in Cantonese and there might be some errors...juz ignore them..hehe!! I was extremely FREE in the office and that's why I came out with these lyrics to describe my working life as a VT in PWC...muahaha!!! :)

In fact, I wanted to upload a song here but I've been tryin for the past few days...and it juz doesn't work...damn!! Juz happened to hear that song from the radio one afternoon during work...the song is not popular but the lyrics somehow juz made me laugh...itz called 日出而作.

By the way, I've been allocated for a job for 3 weeks and finally...I've got something to do!! But...I still prefer sitting in the office coz all I've been doing for my job is just vouching and vouching and VOUCHING...!!! So tedious and boring...the photo above is not that clear...see all my writings there?? Yeah...tatz what I've been words are so freakingly eyes are popping out already!! Well...shouldn't be complaining anymore...haha...relaxed enough already...time to do some work!!! Go Go Go!!!

For more detail about the working environment in PWC(Penang) do ask her or you just want to see the lyric "返工...吃风...放工??" she made it herself then go visit her blog here!

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Sing k , Skating and watch Movie at 28/4

The title says it all!

We will start the program by going to sing k at Times Square Green Box from 11am till 3pm!

After sing k we all will be tired and got appetite to have lunch so we had lunch. Then at 3.30pm or 4pm we go skating at Sunway Pyramid, until 8pm or 9pm whichever time we are hungry then we shall go have our Dinner, because it is tiring after skating....

Then we all go watch midnight movie to watch "IRON MAN" =) after that semua balik rumah



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Exam gonna end soon....

Well exam is going to end very soon, the last subject to go is TAXATION, congrats for those who had finished their resits, congrats for those who do not have any resit, and lastly for those who are going to face this coming TAX resit, i wish you all good luck and all the best as i hope we will meet(sure will meet) and study in year 2 AFA. I hope you all will not be like mine which is suck a lot.....

Although after exam some of us tend to be down and sad, nevertheless here is a place for you to seek happiness again hehehe, see I am able to smile again. Those who are happy right after exam, i think you need to go see psychology because you are facing nervous breakdown! haha just kidding.

Ok at this time we all should be starting to plan where to head and how to spend our holidays. Ken keep on rushing us all to think of a place as you can see now the CHAT BOX has the same message asking us to plan where to go too.... Well Ken to answer your question, some of them already said ready to go to JOHOR for like 1 week travel..... bla bla bla for the details, let's just say we want to see how many people are supporting this plan only then it is worth to waste energy in typing out the details....

Besides that, guys another few more company internships or part-time-ships reviews are coming up since I will be spending more time in aiding the survey.... Meantime just hang around the CHATBOX for a while ^_^

Again, good luck for those TAX resit students!!

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Money Cost of Capital vs Cost of Capital

This is the difference between money cost of capital and cost of capital

That is why you need to get Money cost of capital rate minus Tax then only you will get cost of capital. This situation also applicable to interest rate or borrowing rate, but the meaning are not the same.

Usually Profit/Loss accounts are MONEY rate not REAL rate.

Money cost of capital is the amount of money rather than the proportional rate (cost of capital). Cost of capital is not REAL rate.

So the question from Revision class is Money Cost Of Capital, if we multiply with it we will get the REAL cash flows instead of discounted cash flows....see formulae below you will know what I mean.

FORMULAE to get REAL or MONEY rate :
1 + r = (1 + h)(1 + i)

Good Luck! If you have any question please post at the comment =)

(Source : Wikipedia)

Additional Reference
Google Book

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Very Cham.....PK jor

Hi everyone, as you know since we were young our parents taught us that if we spend too much we will become poor. Spending on the things that we need is what we should do. I bet you all do understand that when parents said we spend on things that we should like food, drinks, and other necessities.

But parents never allow us to buy TV games or any other VCD because it is not necessary and they tell us that those we do not need in studies. Besides it is wasting money... therefore end up pokai lor

At first I think like that then after today I received email asking me to buy so many original books.....i think now we can add a new factor THE TEXT BOOK PURCHASING. I AM SURE Your parents never NEVER NEVER tell you that buy text books will make you pokai!!

Now we have a scenario here :

Every semester we will be asked to buy ORIGINAL TEXT BOOKS, NOT ORIGINAL SURE CONFISTICATE!

Hey pity us la, we all study here because it's cheap, if we got money already run to Taylor....

One semester we spent about RM 60 per text book, if that semester we have 3 subjects then we spent RM 270 on it not to mention about exam kit too can go up to RM 450 jor lor.....The total already take your parents' 15+days salary, you already pokai......"gong xi"

Now tell me is it possible for me to pay little by little because I think that will help me DECREASE my pokai-ness

So you play us meh? First week already want me "gantung diri" second week how ar? Got more to come de leh after the first week, after that they want printing fee...

Tell me how?

Hey how come i didn't know study can make me pokai oso geh? continue like this my part-time job is become beggar lor.....because no more money to eat or everyday eat hot dog bun lor...not because i kena rompak by ILLEGAL robbers but kena rompak by LEGAL robbers, the lecturers....hisap darah, what to do? Just have to let them suck till my 5 litres of blood finished then i have to learn how to refill back! Walao, i tell you this is really better than go rob bank...

ps: this college really killing the poor directly if they do this to us ....if they really want to help why don't they take the money from our RM 100 donation and the money for construction go buy second hand books and lend to us like what the secondary school had done?

or the lecturers scare NO COMMISSIONS?! TELL US!!!!

Usually those texts used for 1 semester only then it is useless, because lecturers want to see ONLY ORIGINAL so we buy....... After the semester finish you want me take the text go in toilet use or go recycle? Because whichever way the end result is the same; WASTE MONEY!

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I feel like ... a NEWSPAPER REPORTER!!!

You know we started this blog with the sole purpose to making class announcement and write up our very own college activities. But now we all started to tell others about us(daily life), and about some companies(internships) that we had worked in before!

Like what Ken had done, he writes about the Orange Internet Sdn Bhd, his part time job. He tell us about what is the company about, and the working environment all in very detail!
Ken's part-time-ship not internship!

Kean Hung shared his experience in Penang accounting company that he works for his internship.
Read about it here :
Kean Hung's internship

Last but not least Peik Teng, she writes about audit company in Jalan Ipoh.
Read about it here :
Peik Teng's Bad-Internship-Experience

I believe if we all keep this up we all will end up writing more companies reviews and tell potential employees the information they need to know before they walk in to work for that particular company; what i meant is that

So you tell me, are we not college student reporters in TARC? Stay tune for more hot juicy news!

I would be very happy to gather all information or experiences that you wished to share with the rest of the world. Of course particularly RIGHT NOW we are focus on Malaysia....

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OMG Lar!! My Fame all GONE!!

Really omg la, i didn't do anything wrong but she write such statement about me....... many people think i "fong fei gei" on our date....I DID NOT!!! AND NO WE ARE NOT DATING ALSO!!! >_< I got good name

She one day after another day change different title but is the same thing just to defame me!! I don't know what I had done wrong except I keep kao lui nia maybe she jealous this? I really don't know she won't tell me what i had done wrong! Sibeh stubborn!!

Then she told me what's wrong already....appologize jor still not satisfy....this call "wan yeh".... had me go around the bush then say "i want u go around the bush again!" OMG!! *dead* pls call 999 for me T_T
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Long long time ago, a girl call Cinderela

A very long long long time ago, we had a girl call Cinderela which is pretty and cute ( some time act cute), she was live with his father and stepmother. Her stepmother was a pretty lady but lose sikit sikit to Cinderela la, cos she old ady mar!!! but hor, tat stepmother be jealous of Cinderela cos she is young and pretty somemore so pandai in act cute, so tat stepmother wanna kill Cinderela senyap senyap wor!!! so she find a koradji (bomoh) to frame Cinderela...

Haiz...finally, tat koradji found Cinderela outside castle playing Kart Rider( racing sport), then tat koradji gorek a lubang at the middle of circuit to kill Cinderela. Furtunately, tat noob koradji put wrong jampi inside tat lubang lo... tat jampi is like Doraemon de pocket can transfer ppl to future de leh!!! Cinderela haven die!!! hou choi jek!!!

haiz...finally Cinderela falling to 21 century jor lo!!! she scare tat stepmother will found her so she chg name to JPT( u all imaging who is tis la!!)

Luckily lo,in tis 21 century , JPT found a gang of best frenz who take and lent her a place to sleep. they dunno she was Cinderela from long long century, they very oddness y tis girl dun hv any common sense about very IT and entertainment things, but they so kindness bring she go here go there to open her mind. JPT very touch and thankfull to them..

One day, the new frenz bring her to playing ice-skating which she never try b4 wor!!!she very excited lo, cos new thing for her mar!!!

JPT dunno tat stepmother oledi found her by the help of tat noob koradji...she can watch Cinderela's everything even kill her thru a magic mirror!!!

But tat stepmother give up to kill JPT after she noe tat JPT was not able to come back...
but the main reason i senyap senyap tell u all la, tat stepmother not dun wan kill JPT, is bcos she think kill her oso waste her time, cos JPT now oledi is a noob, she even dunno how to use the handphone geh camera function lo!!!! u all not believe??? just believe it!!! i got the evidence from tat stepmother de ar!!! see below la u all.....

u see u see, she even dunno which 1 is camera which 1 is video recorder, u all say izzit kill her oso waste time leh!!! haiz!!! mou ngan tai la!!!

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Confusing Name

Is this a joke? Nope because it is really same name and same type of status(busy) i thought i never see this coming from the same list but it really happened....

I can't even differentiate which one is the Big Shirley or which one is the Small Shirley......Please help me!! I am really going to chat with the wrong girl .....HOW HOW HOW !!!
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