Happy 51 Merdeka Day =)

I hope everyone is celebrating their Merdeka Day with joy and peace! As the budget had been released before Merdeka Day and our Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi had given his speeches about the budget and the wishes for the citizens for celebrating Merdeka Day...

Now myself would like to take this chance to say Happy Merdeka Day ^^ and Monday don't need to go to classes it is really a great fun and relaxing day :P MERDEKA!! =)

Ok happy doing revision guys because there are just 3 weeks left to go....less than 1 month so better get your butt going and start studying for all 3 subjects! Good luck guys ^_^

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RELEASED : September's Exam TimeTable

Our September exam is here and the timetable is released!

Our exams start on 20th September 2008 and
it ends on Wednesday 24th of September 2008!

We still have 4 weeks to go so we have to study now before it is insufficient for us ^_^ don't want to hear ourself saying "not enough time" right? So start now loh, share notes!

Sigh....now I still thinking about which optional papers to opt for suddenly the time table released....Left me no choice but to focus in revision.....in addition this coming Wednesday we have a small test about Part C and D for Professional Accountant (P1) during tutorial and lecture for Part E.

Study smart not study hard!

I hope we all will be prepared by 19th of September 2008 =) Good luck everyone!

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Time to CONSIDER!!

Just consider or ponder no need to choose now....You are allowed to discuss with friends and peers and even your parents but it is not compulsory to choose now; EXPIRED ON 15 OCTOBER 2008!

The e-learning system was down yesterday but it was fixed today around 2pm. Students who had opt-ed for the 2 optional papers you are required to re-opt the options....

You all should listen or read the transcript of the interview done by ACCA about all 4 optional papers.

Now here comes the real QUESTIONS....

  • Which options to choose (P4, P5, P6 or P7)?
  • Which of the subjects are easier(P4, P5, P6 or P7)?
  • What are your favourite subjects (P4, P5, P6 or P7)?
  • Do you think you can handle the option you had chosen?
Hmm do you follow majority or do you follow your heart?
Crucial moment because this will affect our future

INCOME (don't know can pass or not, no pass no high income)

FRIENDSHIPs (friends separated then hardly meet up so become stranger soon T_T)



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BiTing's 21st Birthday(SPeCiaL)

Hello everyone it is time for our birthday party to get going!!
The party was ended after 12am... We celebrated until her birthday, how's that sound? Sound PERFECT but according to plan we suppose to end at 11pm not 12am... but who cares if we did not follow the plan right as long as there is something great come up.

See Elyn calculating my part of the shares using the professional scientific calculator .... my cash outflow leh since when got cash inflow?

Hey Ken look at the camera and stop playing with your handphone....although the camera no need film but it need memory lah!
By the way nice bar there =D Unfortunately we didn't get drunk that night.... Maybe we all should then we will become like drunken monkeys...

Kean Hung and BiTing

Chang Nam and BiTing
Nam : See me smiling so "yam" BiTing still want near me ~.~ this proves I got "mei li"....
BiTing : -_- GG Chang Nam you very GG arrggghhh!!!!G_G!!!!

This Kian Yong ar macam dah mabuk....or he too high jor? Why smile till like that geh....
Kian Yong and BiTing

Siow Wei and BiTing

BiTing and Biao Ge
Along with the tiny umbrella as the decoration.
And Biao Ge's red cap very captivating lor really caught my attention... Why call him Biao Ge? Are you blind? They both have almost the same face...

BiTing and Ken Wai
A sign of a GUN or UP? Better ask BiTing about that sign...

Ching Zhang and BiTing
They both are 007 James Bond apprentices....

Wan Ling and BiTing
The guy behind the pic it's like from military, he looks like a soldier...

Elyn and BiTing

June Kuan and BiTing
Junichi : Am I sexy or not jek *wink wink* At least I did not smile like Chang Nam so "yam".

Golden and BiTing
Golden has the smile of a millionaire...
Sam : Golden you no wear spectacles really more handsome jor....

Au Yang and BiTing

Shee Yin and BiTing

Chee Khoon and BiTing
Ken : See what see...never see handsome guy before meh? -,...,-
BiTing : Ya Ken I support you. Never see Cinderella before? I am the Cinderella....
Sam : You both really duno paiseh, "zhi lian" is my job!!!

See Chee and BiTing
Chee : I scare no one know she will be 21 leh.... must show out!!
BiTing : Wah pek chek jor no more 18 liao T_T pek chek ar.... G_G

GG nyer Ken's eyes on fire macam hellboy
Ken : I am on fire!!^,...,^
2 persons acting 007
Another 2 persons acting cute

BiTing : I duno how old am I....
See Chee : You are going to be 21!! ^_^ old jor
BiTing : G_G

They both talking and did not even bothered about us taking their pictures -_-
So I guess they both were in their own world...oops I think they forgot about BiTing's birthday hahaha once again the paparazi had done their job ^^ another brand new juicy gossip in town...Chang Nam you can't run away lah cuz ur not even moving....

Kian Yong : Darling I think they saw us dating liao....our secret is out!! Give me the NEGATIVES!!!!
Siow Wei : Har??????
Waiteress : Yesh!!! I will be in the newspaper tomorrow in Entertainment section =)

BiTing wants to be Cow Woman? A new superhero.... just in case you ask what is the white thing in BiTing's hand...not camera rosak but it's a tissue...


21 candles.....on 21 donuts....So special right? Even the DJ and singers were talking about it...

BiTing making her wishes... I hope she remember to wish all of our dreams come true XD

She was thinking where should she start blowing...need to plan and make strategy how to blow the candle...then need to make sure the breath is enough(she will get tired therefore need to cut cost) and many more factors to consider....This is a huge investment u know...swt

Pay attention on the left side candle(the only one there)

Deep breath.... deep breath! This is going to take forever, so we can sleep a while.....

Now you see it has been put off....see the next pic


Yes you bet she did add in a lot of ingredients for us.....

See her not enough breath already.....that's why she need to plan and make strategies just now...

Sam : Sorry did I missed something while I took a 20 minutes nap?

BiTing : I have no more energy to blow liao.... help me blow out the candles plssssssssss...

Yeah it is time to help her blow off the candles before the candle BBQ the donuts
Ken : Let's help her out and can someone please give her some tissues....she finish 1 pack liao.

Ken so brave use fingers to put off the candles making sure the candles are dead! No revive!!


Hey Shee Yin don't close your eyes leh.... Don't waste digital camera memory space....

Shee Yin open your eyes!!!

I like the photographer....because he captured the finest and most natural moment...
See Chee always same post like never move from her position or change her post lolz

Everyone look to your LEFT!

Now look to your RIGHT!

BiTing got her new Converse Bag as her present....guess what we hid inside the bag?
Junichi : BiTing u grow up liao, must guai guai listen to older people(referring himself) if not later u regret...
BiTing : Oh ok...now can I have the bag? Pls let go the bag...

Ken : Can I hold the bag ma?
BiTing : No...you can only hold the plastic bag
Ken : -,...,-"swt

Yes it's a Puma jacket

No she is not from Japan hahaha


Her real birthday should be on : 2nd of August 2008

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