How to Get Ties That Match Your Suits

The tie you choose should have subtle patterns and background colors to match the suit. If you are unsure, ask for assistance in a good menswear store. 100% silk ties tend to make the best knots. If you feel choked when wearing a tie, make sure that the collar of your shirt is not too tight--this is often the cause of the discomfort.

There are 2 elements to consider. You need to consider first coordinating a color that goes with the suit, and then once you have decided on the color, look at the pattern.

**Choose the tie color**
Pale blue dress shirts work well with almost any tie - try one with some yellow or gold. Manipulate the monochrome look, teaming a light purple shirt with a darker purple tie.

**Select the tie pattern**
By choosing shirt and tie patterns to complement each other(not compete with). A subtly striped shirt can back a boldly striped tie, while a more eye-catching shirt demands a quieter tie.

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For example,(1) if you see mostly navy blue stripes, add a yellow tie with a box pattern or a pin dot or polka dot patter. Today, you can even add a beautiful paisley pattern.

What did we just do? - Well, we took the stripes and set them off with boxes, paisley or dots. By doing this, we broke up the stripes on the shirt and introduced a breaking point which is a dissimilar pattern.

If you want you can even use diagonal stripes, just make sure that the stripes of the shirt and the stripes of the tie are two different sizes. Generally by two different sizes we mean at least a 2:1 ratio. If the stripes on the shirt are 1/4 inches, go with a tie that has stripes at least 1/2 inch. This will help the tie stand out rather than become a blur with the shirt.

(2) If the suit is one solid color, the job is easy. Put any solid color tie, or any color that coordinates well with any pattern that you like.

(3) If the suit has chalk stripes - you know those faint thin stripes, then you can simply just follow the same rules as if the suit were a solid color.

(4) If the stripes are very pronounced, wear any color tie that coordinates well with any pattern tie - except for stripes.

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