March Timetable is Released!

The timetable released from SBS especially for AFA students must take note! Because that is not for Year 1 AFA but is for Year 2 AFA students!!

Yes the time has come for all of us to continue our course (last semester). Our course has temporarily stop at week 7 and now we continue from week 8... Hope everyone is prepared for this....

Too bad for AAT (TAX) subject you need to come on SATURDAY!!!

Do login TARC CEL to check the timetable....

UPDATES FOR AFM STUDENTS-----------FROM KANESH-------------------
Good day,
This coming 3 rd March , Tuesday 0800-1030 DKD will be our first additional class. Dr Wong will release the test results, go thru Bob Ryan exercise and start the lecture.
This class is compulsory for all AFM students.

It will not clash with TAX as TAX lec will be changed. Details will be known on Monday.

For Class Reps please forward to all the class members. Please SMS to reaffirm me that you have received this massage. Please stated your respective group when you sms me.

TQ and Have a nice day

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ACCA Scholarship

ACCA Scholarship known as the Simpson Scholarship can be applied now... But you can only apply if you meet the following criteria:

*You are registered as an ACCA student, and

*You have paid your fees for the year ahead, and

*You have no other fees outstanding, and

*You have completed and achieved an average of 80% or more in the Knowledge module (Papers F1–F3) of the Fundamentals level of the ACCA Qualification - at your first attempt, or

*If you have exemptions from the Knowledge module (Papers F1–F3) of the Fundamentals level, then you must have achieved 66% or more in at least two ACCA Qualification papers in the Fundamentals Skills module - at your first attempt, and

*You have completed the 2008 annual PER return.

Then applicants must submit a 1,000 word essay, title is 'How the award of a Scholarship will help me to realise my full potential' then submit to

The 2009 closing date for receipt of Scholarship applications is Friday 15 May.

15 July 2009 only Five Scholarship winners out of 20 finalist will be selected by judging panel. Notification via email.

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Review and seek solution from 粗口哥

粗口哥 , Due to ur previous post I hv come out some question on my mind lo .and wish to ask u .whether u oso face it..ur previous ost was really all the boys ,teenagers critical thinking.
Question is nowsaday what so call a social reinventing ,my life keep affected too .Last time , Im still at secondary school .I can shoot rude word like machine gun.My sentence usually mix with some rude language.But thats all for secondary school,after u meet more other friend less speak like that ,then u slowly try to hide ur rude capabilities.

But as time goes by , U feel no more love to "always mix DIAO" this word into ur sentences.But again it is uncontrolable.sometime tak boleh tahan oso diao abit lo.Gather back with my secondary friend ,they all rude word more improved.sometime i can feel abit tak boleh tahan lo.I abit feel i far apart from them .Izzit education make a person change?.If they also receive higher education will they change too ?.This question quickly come from my mind.

Another issue was like 粗口哥 mention wan ,u also have girl which can speak rude word well wan?.haha.I last time hv such friend too .Im shock last time how a girl can perform rude word much more better than us.But I din contact with them lo.So how u communicate with them lo .?.

Really environment ,social,and definitely more higher education u are,U wont choose to turn back urself and look backward to see how bad u are.YOU will choose to change become more better ,and away from such habits.

How 粗口哥 deal with this problem of communication.?When u meet back other friend?.I think could be possible we will return as normal diao with them.I found that did we need to "see human ,talk human word..see ghost talk ghost word".Did u agreed too ?If keep some rude last time secondary standard ,girl also hate to friend with us right ?(how u think 粗口哥?)


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我和我周围的男生朋友屌来屌去可以很自然,因为男生本来就是讲粗话的材料,和男生沟通, 就算是他再有礼貌也好,也不免会有一两句粗话,当然我讲的次数会比较多, 因为你讲得出来,我也不会对你客气了。

我也许是心直口快,也许是习惯了在生活谈话当中会加插几个不文雅的字,我控制不了, 因为我不懂得别的字语来代替粗口,粗口可以加强我想表达的东西。不用粗口,我会有表达能力的障碍,比如口吃或想很久才想到那个字。。。哈哈。。。自己说得好像很有道理。。。



因为我现在处在一个对象,情况,世界与社会 和以前根本都扯不上关系的生活。。。


听好了,是该讲的才讲,所以我还是会讲粗口,前提是你也跟我一样讲粗口。。。不然我会心痒痒。。。我就是我。。。i am CK Kor...CK stand for Cu Kou...
u can call me 粗口哥
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Funny Search

What's wrong? You tell me...

Recently I found this search funny, don't ask me who done that search, I know it from mybloglog. This is really funny because it shows someone curious whether TARC consist of GAY? Honestly I studied for 4 years in TAR College had not encounter gay yet. I don't know about my friends maybe I can ask them to comment about whether there are any GAY they encountered.

Just ask us XD

Don't have to search around because you won't find any info about it. Not many students blog or talk about TARC gay student and usually forum talk about the TARC environment and not GAY in college...You have a better chance of getting answer from students if you ask them. Make use of the blog ^_^ we'll answer any questions.

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