Unforgettable 21th birthday day

14th july 2008…a big day of our beloved classmate- Mr Ong Ken Wai 21th yr olds bd…tis time geh birthday gathering, can tell u is comprise a lot of sincerity and surprise…especially give to Mr Ong…

Why comprise of sincerity?? deng!!! tat made in money paper’s bird really fully contain our love and sincerely de loh!! We curi curi make it in the class, eventhough Mr Ong saw it, but he never automatically tell us wanna help onot de lo!! Maybe he ady knew tat we make tis is for him de la!!!RM 147 wor…u dare to say not enuf sincerity and love boh??!!

And why i said a lot of surprise ??? see below la:

The day b4 14th july

Zhing Zhang:Wei wei, today Mr Ong birthday wor…got wat plan, we needle needle here la, discuss how to give him a surprise la.
AY: herm…dun look at me!!dun ask me think la!!…I come here eat nia, u ask me think CR tutorial week 8 wat answer better la!!!deng!!!(look at AY’s eyes, angry till become red colour ady)
Kean hong: =.=’ 1st time see tis AY angry like tis…maybe we all ‘brainstorming’ below ming cha xuan too long liao, make he too hungry jor!!…makin tengok u makin macam Chan Hou Nam…Keat Siu dun kill us plz…
SW: yalo yalo…Keat Siu dun angry anymore la…lai lai eat a French Fried la…smile smile….Yiiiiii
AY: k la, see u all make me so happy today, I forgive u la Zhing Zhang…dun ask me think non-sense thing ady…tis thing sure call ah ken or uncle tis kind of non-sense ppl think geh mar!!
Uncle: haiya…non-sense idea??? Easy job la…lai lai ah ken, now our presentation time…wat plan u tell to them..
(Ken secretly tell uncle: deng!!! So busuk la tis thing, u wan me hold how long…help me hold it la!!)

Ken: ok ok…as u all can see, tis thing call DA BIAN cake…uncle and me use 4days 5nites to think on tis idea…we use biting’s tis morning ngam ngam bang eh sai put into Mr ong’s cake as a decoration…how how ?? deal or not deal…
ZZ: wah wah wah… wat a wonderful ideal is it!!! i agreed use biting’s da bian lo…cos yst I saw biting eat jor 2 kg of durian…now her da bian got durian smell…Mr ong like durian favour de cake…ngam ngam hor!!! good ar!!
Kong Fei: really meh??? Today my nose sumbat liao, cant smell it leh, nvm I try it see see got durian favour onot…armmm…yeah...D24 leh!!!nice job biting!!!

See Chee: Yer…Kong fei y u so dare go test it de…

Shee Yin: yoyo…u really man ar!!!i love u ar!!!
Kong Fei: deng!!! Kin Na Sai really is Kin Na Sai…Shit oni mar!!! 我年中吃不少啦!!!uncle and ken, dun choi them, ur plan work geh, trust me…I support u 2…(kean hong doubt tat the shit really got D24 taste meh?)

So, Finally, the cake came out with tis design…i can tell u Mr ong saw tis cake liao he very surprised…cos his 21th yrs old birthday got ppl treat he eat shit…unforgettable birthday cake…
Keah hong: wait wait wait…u all just give him a da bian cake nia?? Tis surprise not enuf la…u all see la, he always so lan c and act pro in the class, all the leng lui he ‘kau’ all…we cant let him so happy tat day la…must play him 99 lat !!! I suggest tat Zhing Zhang and some diploma fren invited him to celebrate, let he think tat oni few ppl remember his birthday nia, then later on we suddenly appear infront him…let him heart attack…leng mou???
Kong Fei: cincai, I no comment…Y^.^Y(D24 geng!!!the smell still inside mouth)

Biting: hehehehe…really perfect la keah hong…i wan see him die long time liao de…tis time he sure die…hehehehe
Nam: wuahahaha…sei Mr ong, after u die, all the leng lui sure is mine de liao…wuahahaha
Kean hong: haha…okok…tis plan really nice, sao gong…go back…tmr let Mr Ong die…
14th of july 2008- Mr ong Birthday party at Ming Cha Xuan…

Mr ong: haiz…21th yrs old birthday, oni got few guys celebrate with me…Kanasai…I not the most leng zai and pro guy among the class meh…why they all even my 622 oso forget my birthday geh??? T.T OMG!!!!! I wan 622 !!!! cant cry, today big day, I cant cry infront my fren, act happy take pic sin!!!
ALL: Happy birthday to u…happy birthday to u…happy birthday to Ken Wai…happy birthday to uuuuuuu….yeah…(clapping)
haha…Mr Ong really happy till wanna cry ady lo..he really happy cos everybody still come to join his birthday party even though he realised tat he is lan c and like to act pro, but we all do not mind it…u see he act smiling there, actually he wan use his hand to smear his tear lo!!!
Mr Ong: oi…ah ken…kasi sikit muka mari la…dun always say my bad thing la…today my big day leh plz!!!
Ken: haha…sure wan say de lo, ‘no talk where got laugh’ leh
Shee Yin: yalohor…hehehe
Mr Ong: then I laugh big abit lo…wuahaha
Finally, Mr Ong no heart attack, but we all still have fun becos of the Da Bian Cake…

Designer and booking of Da Bian Cake- Biting
Organizer- Shee yin
Present preparation- whole class
Best artist-Zhing Zhang
MC of party- Uncle

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Mixed Feelings

I know I should have show some face reactions or tell you all what feelings I had on the day you all gave me a surprise party. But seriously I could not stress more than what I wanted to tell you all. My feelings are mixed until today, there are happy, shock, sad, and most of all is that I am once again moved by you all(1st in the Tong Shin Hospital lolz).

Not that I do not want to show the feelings, I am not drunk or High, and I am not blur. I am in a stunning position where I do not know what I should do or say .....

Let me explain the feelings one by one,

Happy = because you all held a party for me without my knowing lolz
Sad = because you all have to spend a lot haha and also the stupid tests
shock = cause you all really surprised me by coming to "Ming Cha Xuan"
MOVED = because you all planned to gave me a surprised by coming at such late hour and the present plus the cake which need you all to have a lot of courage and patient to do it. Thanks...In the end I am SPEECHLESS too

To be honest, this is the best birthday party ever maybe because I had very less birthday party myself. Whatever the reason I still feel you all throw a great surprise for me although it was not like you all planned ^_^v Funny surprise party because I gave some of you(Ken and SeeChee) surprise where in the same time you all gave me the surprise :P wahahaha who else kena I surprised must tell me!!

Thanks to :
PeikTeng, SheeYin, SeeChee, JuneKuan, Ken and Elyn, KongFei, AuYang, ChangNam, JiaHong&his GF, KianHung, KianYong, ChingZhang, SiowWei, YongYunn, and JunXian.

This category people didn't come geh but got wish me in the card :
William, YenLing, and WanLing

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~!YoGA~! With Master YoDA?

Ladies and Gentlemen THIS IS REAL YOGA...LIVE!

Videos provided by SheeYin & SeeChee

Unbelievable moves but it is possible to be done if YOU PRACTISE!

Seriously have you ever wonder why Master Yoda in Jedi movies can twist and turn? One of the reason maybe cause he learnt Yoga always and everyday otherwise he so short how to overcome those enemies? =)

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