It's a Progress?!

The idea of creating CK Chiau group in Facebook is adopted from Chin Kai =) Thanks for the unique idea! His group is called "AFA kids who love Assignments"...

Anyway it's up to you for whatever reasons not wanting to join CK Chiau group. I can tell you that CK Chiau had joined the group too (include the AFA Kids group). Creating CK Chiau Group its a benefit for us because the objectives are :

  • Every students can share CK's experiences -> because the experiences shared differs with classes!
  • CK don't have consultation hour -> so many students are unable to consult CK for advices(eg how to do a better presentation or maybe the job interview stuffs?)
Now I would like to tell you guys that CK Chiau Group has 34 members( this group has been up for 4 days now excluding CK Chiau himself of course) =D But the first objective is to get 50 members from AFA students has yet achieved so let's give it another 3 more days? See how the result on next Wednesday, 1st of April 2009.

I believe Mr Tan "penalization of marks in FDM" has an impact upon the students in AFA. There are 150+ students under CK Chiau but a lot of them believe that Mr Tan will deduct their marks because of joining group in Facebook...

Just so you know Mr Tan is CLEARLY joking about deducting marks!!! Come on lah why would Mr Tan deduct your marks for joining group in Facebook? Mr Tan is like that meh? lol funny la for those of you think like that...

Nevertheless just to show you how efficient is CK (sometimes CK said he didn't login to check email) but I can see CK almost always log into Facebook!
■ ι η v ι т є ■

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ken ken said...

50 ppl beh ?

SamSeiko said...

not yet...still left 14 students to go!