Edison Chen Apologize in the Press Con

Hey you know there is a guy call himself as KIRA, so far KIRA had distributed out about 460photos in the internet, the total of photos in hand is 1300. The photos were stolen from Edison's laptop. I read somewhere else saying the photos were first release on 28th Jan....

And yesterday 22nd Feb only then Edison came back to held a press conference to apologize publicly. He is stating that he will assist the police to capture the peoples who are involved in distributing the photos. I guess KIRA is the mastermind of this scandals, HK police is doing their job and going to arrest KIRA. The scandals had passed 3 weeks and it is continuing, everyone is getting hold of the photos.... So many rumours and untrue facts are created such as KIRA was paid to lay low.

If you ask me what I think.... I will tell you that, this is a sick act for keeping photos like that, anyone can get hold of your photos even you save it with password. NO PLACE IS SAFE!

PS: Don't take such photos or it will ruin your career! =____= No inappropriate photos uploaded here, if you want you better go search yourself XD haha
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~~Kian Yong's Birthday~~

Today is kian yong birthday lol. First of all, have to apologize to kian yong because so late to post up the pictures.

Ken: we know that day is kian yong birthday la. No need so excited at there "sau ji ji" geh.
Kian Yong had made a wish that we all pass in our exam. We all have to thanks to kian yong because he sacrificed his birthday wishes to us. *We all = the 9 ppl attended nia* :P

Oops, kian yong looked regreted to sacrificed his wishes to us. Aiyo, kian yong don so kiam siap lol.

Emm, sorry for the two ppl who push kian yong head because u 2 are under arrest. This pic will be used as "cheng tong zheng gong".

Oops, the day after tomorrow..........
Wei, "dai ga jie".. SIAM LA!!! Ppl at there taking group2's pic but then u wan kakacaucau pula. You thought "dai ga jie" no need die meh. Please la, here is KL not Penang, OK?

Finally, they 4 can take a pic without disturb from "dai ga jie" Say yes to peace!!

All the people who attended kian yong's birthday celebration. Those who didnt come at there "geh si geh si" said want study at home. Pui.!!!!

Walao, junichi u drink "yes tea" nia. Why look so blur?

This pic look like kian yong is feeding his doggie ray.

ABC : junichi, why ur eyes so big?
junichi : sebab ada orang cakap mata saya sangat kecil dan suruh saya buka besar sikit.
ABC : Oh, yuan lai ru chi.

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~--Genting Gathering (Part 3)--~


So here begin with a KienHong .....funny and horror face to haunt u all first ... ROAR!!
The happy couple again, see till sien :P.....after 2 round of roller coaster (i guest so),smile so happily u know why ..coz..they already scare until crazy ..dunno how already jz can smile
Caught red handed for stealing bag. (actually keah hong and kean hung found tis lost bag at tong sampah near genting ...sombong gal punya bag..take to balai police bukit aman but before tat have a snaped 1st )
Big elephant with 2 girls glued to it (elephant gal..)whY the elephant perut hv a name "anie" izzit it say annie is elephant lei ...wakaka..a good indication..beside tat elephant is female wan ..haha
That is our DaikaJie and KienHong
Black + red = Devil ooops :P ( although they devil ..but not dare devil ..all frenz..go space shoot..but they are here sit down and snap photo onli ..)red devil say wana keep handphone for people so makes he cant go for space shoot..) jie ko ->mandarin...tak berani cakap la..haha

Duh dating in the (huh ...come wif whole gang ..but sometime .they two oso wont forget they responsible..(curi curi dating there) ..a best couple in our class ...contoh couple
although genting very long history already ...but permandangan still ok ..can clearly see the 1st world ..there
eYe on genting ...small side wan ..hehe //two gals there ----->elyn really la..sombong..looks she pose like people put rude body language( center finger)hahahaha
another two of ..our gang ..inside pak tou .haha..need take some opportunity to intro them too..coz..they din mention at part 1,2 ...dark blue shirt wan is call swee khim from aac group .,.last time use to be my group 1 ..but after mr ongs join then he leave.,apa la.betrayer

another is wei jie ..from afa too but dunno wat group jz can say he love james bond ..he love to put a handgun pose.
clear view at Genting .....
There must be something so attractive that makes them look up into the sky //
FaiZai: wah ..ken u look the space shoot really interesting ..dunno how high it can hit.... scary or not..?
Bengsan: dun scare la FaiZai ..got me accompany u to sit ..i think not too scary la....
Ken: hehe ..u two really "Shua Bah Kao "(Wild Dog) me already sat for many times..how can a space shoot scare me...me look at the camera snap me lagi baik..cheers
Kong Fei face looks not too comfortable ..maybe really hv a game in genting that can scare him?..he face really scare //haha OR MAYBE KEN IS TOUCHING KONGFEI?!!!!
since 1st picture kong fei scare face make pciture not too good..tis time ..ken scold liao ..:come on dun scare la..u r boy man .. then fei finally smile back ..wakaka
although ken say like tat ..but sudennly they two oso ..very scare lo...coz..te train wan masuk to tunnel lo..game is finally begin ..they two hv prepared,,no smile ..why bengsan still can smile ..haha sure sit wif gal sure hv to show some brave la,,
Standard white shirt team. ..u al vote for it ..which man more lengzai la...haha ..cool ..gal s all will choose which of tis guy ..if u r still available ..haha
Kent ---->see ken ability to climb so high ..tis picture shows tat he is finding a way out, climb more high..tis not real gunung but still hard to find way out
WaiKit and KienHong -------->kien hong seem like so scare always looks down..he trying find a way to climb more high too..apa la..why so slow .din eat rice meh..see wai kit already climb so high..KienHong choose the salah one so he stuck there same like Junichi wahahahaha
DaiKaJie and SiowWei ----two gals wars..tis really a good s show ..a best survivor series..u ever seen...siow wei from the beginning..clim very fast ..
use her thin and light weight body to make herself gain advantage for climb tis ...but daikajie sure wont lose oso la..use her both hand power to try catch up siow wei speedFinally ...daiajie catch up same position wif siow wei ..DaiKaJie very pro as she kept climbing up, SiowWei stucked there, in the end both end up stopping and came down because it was time to go for MotionMaster.
two black ..black ./.man and gal .....looks like spy lo ..tehy two...spy kids maybe hehe
oh my god...a boy that where tis spec..looks like..james bond second version(jz he think onli)..maybe i should make tis picture available for u all comment and rating (max five star)..wat rate did u all will give hehe.....
they two both snap ...so happy ..see junichi .,gigi semua pun smile keluar liao ..so happy ..the back wan kien hong at there why looks so boring face ...who else sit tis car will know how boring izzit ,,.jz they two pretend tat they so enjoy wif tis car...(tis car really slow ..)
Fnally a perfect pciture a "london cafe de genting"but tis time we call a gal snap for us ..thanks to that oso ..so we no need use a outdoor rubbish bin ,,again .,.haha
see...we all see junichi and siow wei doing their funny pose onli .all ave prepared wan ..actually ..haha..ken hand looks like try to stop jia hong to snap ..1st ..but who know ..jia hong aleady done it ..result of tis picture .,.see junichi cute face will know la..haha
siow wei : looks the sky got sometime flyin there ..meimei say junichi quick quick look ..la..au yang and elyn them oso kena scare and look to sky ken too ..include me ..bengsa "beh tong " turn back say :hei i wan to snap photo wan ..pls ..prepared l;a..u all"..see kien hong already prepared there so long the pose..biting face oso looks totally lost ,,she cant catch siow wei ,,idea maybe ,,
yeah finally settle down and snap photo ...but u see biting still looks to sky ..she din give up ..try to looks wat is happening in the sky ..haha..aiyoyo ..biting ..u think wan hujan izzit ..see the sky for so long
a complete picture but without jia hong..coz...jia hong be camera man already ///haha ..good snap
yeah ..we have ken ..taking pictures for us...good..all have a great pose ...aiyo jia hong ya...talk telephone wif galfren oso din forget to have a pose there ...really give full corporation ...so tis picture totally good....good skill ken
he hv find a lengzai (dunno who call he like tat) snap photo for us ...so all get ready ...1'2'3 go ...totally 100% participation ..no one is left out in tis picture le...good..
three mans up there ////u are under arrest ..haha ..fei always say like tat wan..maybe he hv buat salah .,always scare police mai tangkap ..haha..daikajie and meimei ,yen ling there ...really easy job..sit center ...easy take pose ...no scare at tat position wan..siow wei also dun forget to turn back to hv a smile ..."gal always ..wan photo dun wan high"
i hk tat yen ling cant afford for high presure wan ..haha ...see train flying up ready to down ..ken so enjoy it ...but yen lng ..looks try put the hand to close her month( maybe thk tat ..wana pening liao ..pls stop faster ..wana vomit ..haha )
at nite...almost all the gang balik to genting klang liao ...and for sure ..they oso balik to hotel and hv pictures at bilik ...
why biting din give corporation wan ...still wear " it" ..
busuk..u tau ..hehe ....it should that we all got clean leg ,, jinichi wat happen to him? ..whole day really looks high ...u see ...maybe ..daikajie them force he drink alcohol ....mabuk liao la...he ....so high
after high...junichi oso no energy le...fast fast smile ......snapped ....and have a goodnight sleep lo

a beautiful outside ...the genting ....a bit like Disney land lo..haha..

(so tats all for part 3 genting ..afa event ....)..maybe story not too interest ..coz..din have kakitangan and idea,,,and if u all support it ..is your responsibilities ,,to comment ,to vote , to rate for tis genting event)..thanks ...dun miss out ...next event ,,,,..."practical training ..and own living style at hometown of afagroup1"


KienHong ---> providing ideas

Samuel -----> Edit spelling errors(not 100% free error)

Junichi ----> provide Pictures

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