~June Kuan's 21st Birthday a.k.a Junichi~

Pictures uploaded by BiTing
Illustrated by SamSeiko and BiTing

Picture taken at Wang Min restaurant. This gathering at the restaurant was the first place we had before we went to Station 1 Cafe.

What happen to SheeYin? WanLing why u try to tidy her hair??? very messy meh???

oh... it's because wanling want to help jiejie tidy hair for taking pic... 1,2,3 chick chak..

did junichi look like the bear inside the birthday card??? LOL!!

^^ the card suits Junichi as he is always been called as Uncle.

Junichi was touched/moved while reading the card that we gave him...I think he want cry jor...

About 19 People attended Junichi's 21st birthday gathering until midnight 1am.

Why was his face like this and being taken into photo? I think this photo trying to show you that he saw his TRADE PAYABLE, he was shocked!

There is a story behind the picture. These two fella had been separated by a plant! that is why the pic included plant and they both were playing with the plant too! Hard to tell you how they do it but it is easier if I can show it to you =)

Yenling yell"ouch!" Wah.. Junichi.. u dare to bully yenling when so many gals were there??? You thought you birthday boy really so big meh??? You don't how to write the word "die"??? keke...

BiTing : haha.. junichi now scare or not??? This is the "bao yin" of bully yenling lah.. still dare bully gals again??? wakaka...

SamSeiko : Let me fill you in here, you do not have a chance to bully or punch Junichi on weekdays or weekends. So the only day to bully him was his 21st Birthday, thus what are we holding back for? Just got for it and punch him :P

Too many!! I cannot fit into this picture! UGH!!!

BiTing : What were they trying to show????

SamSeiko : Damn sure these two are Yin Yang brothers!

BiTing : Hey, Mr Ong... what so funny make you laugh till like that??? it seems like nobody choi u leh.. u tis is call syiok sendiri lah... GG

SamSeiko : My reply to BiTing!! Mr Ong is cool that is why he pretending COOL now!!

3 guys VS 1 sweet gal... u see... shinyin so happy... keke..

It's not easy to make sure the candle lights doesn't went off
so Junichi tried to protect it with his bare hands.
Junichi had a wishlist just for his 21st birthday so he have not finished wishing the candle blown off, rumour said after the candle blown off means your wishing is done!!
So Junichi trying to keep candle lights on.....

As you can see Junichi is watching Kean Hung and he suspect Kean Hung might do some trick on him....Actually he didn't and he only help to light up the candles. I can tell you that Junichi knows someone is trying to play trick on him.

There you go another suspects....Au Yang and Ken. HAHA everyone is laughing away but the plan of smacking Junichi face with cake is still on the run =)

Somemore is RED HANDED!! You are finished loh Ken.

That's gonna hurt their eyes, and to tell you the truth they had a hard time washing off the cream...

SEE!!! Told ya! Pity Ken lah because he was the only one who push the cake and no one else help lolz. Even his shirt was covered with a little bit of cake.

wah... JiaHong, are you trying to "qiang jin tou "?? funny lah your looks... keke...

This is the effect or consequences after the plan being carried out. The cake last seen was on Ken's face then it's on the road.

this is the Junichi's FOSSIL watch with it's box... chio leh... keke...

After the cake-smacking now it's Junichi turn to show off his WATCH, FOSSIL! Man i tell you so big and stylish, who can resist?

SamSeiko : Sorry ah Junichi he doesn't have boobs leh what are you trying to grab?

BiTing : aiks.. is it junichi trying to act as a gay again??? don't loh.. 21st bufday loh...

Of course SamSeiko won't lose to Fossil lar, therefore Sam show off his Seiko watch!!

haha.. don't you all think why ken's handsome hair become so funny jor meh??? this is the consequences of playing Junichi lah... ken, u see lah.. set for few hours de hairstyle gone jor liao lah.. keke..

Last destination we gathered on the very day. Station One Cafe.Pic taken before we all went back home.
(June 22th, 2008 is his genuine birthday date)

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Keah Hong's Birthday Gathering!!


Don't know why this picture showing SamSeiko head's down -__- maybe got gold under the table? Or the person who holding the camera don't know how to find the right timing!!!

Jia Hong is happily reading our birthday wishing cards....of course we all written something funny inside which made him smile so sweet....Sorry although the card is a bit small XD

This BiTing I don't know why always she want to pretend high class! Can you look at her like so arrogantly touching the dirty plate

Then you look at the next person Jia Hong's girlfriend is staring burly like very bored.

LAstly is Jia Hong like very high lolz someone GRAB HIS THIGH?!

As you can see everyone had finished the meals and ready for the birthday cake arrival haha.... SheeYin is like already anxious waiting for the cake to come lolz

Here's the details I wanted to share....
Before the cake arrived there is a song played, birthday song of course. Everyone and i mean everyone including the customers that are having pizza looking at us lolz.....Jia Hong is the boss I can tell you =)
The service from the Pizza Hut was terrific since they help us made the gathering much more better than what we had planned =)

If police saw this sure kena saman loh =|

After using the sos please close it otherwise the germs will go in and make the sos spoil! Must be considering please!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEAH HONG =) (June 19th 2008 is his genuine birthday date)

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Is it really his problem?

After a discussion with our big brother, Junichi.....SamSeiko found out something that is very intriguing and shocking too.....bad news to some of us lolz

This is our current tutor teaching style right? Correct me if i am wrong

**ask us read
->we explain the paragraph
->read the question then ask for our answer otherwise he will wait til we answer

I would like to suggest to

**ask us read(point which student to start)
--->ask us explain(if we can't then he should explain in details and provide mini lecture if possible help recall)
---->read the question(interpret the Question then tell us what it wants and how to answer it)
--->last ask us answer(can wait i don't mind since it's 3 hours tutorial but then when we answer wrongly he should tell us how to improve and what is the correct answer)

I personally think it is our problem because most of us came UNPREPARED! To blame it all on him it is so not fair to him! I hope we will change our attitude since now it's year 2 and all subjects are core papers.....Let's think about it again....Shall we?

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Seriously Need a Change of Tutor!

As you can see one of our Business Analysis tutors had been complaint by students. Funny thing is that we all still giving him chance to change his style without know what style he will change into....Instead of he think how to change it WHY DON'T HE ASK US!!!! damn!

I believe a lot of us are wondering why did not he ask us how we want the tutorial being carried out? Although he did told us that last Friday was his last day of his old teaching style, I must admit I am having fun communicating with him in such a way but to be honest, my BA studies will still not improved!

I have a lot of problems with BA(hehe so are other subjects CR and PA too)
Firstly, I do not know how to answer the questions in tutorial papers.....

Then, I do not know what I need to write inside such as what kind of keywords I need to write!
Mr Chee mentioned to us that keywords must have inside our paragraph to form our answers.

Now back to what I want to say. This BA tutor.....it seems like he is testing his teaching method on us instead of us requesting what method to be used!

If I am not wrong about my assumption(let's say he will not ask what method we wanted and we never mentioned what method we want), we will be tested like guinea pig until week 15? Congrats guys.....I believe you all get what I mean now so I hope you all will suggest the method to him IF HIS NEW STYLE WORSEN!!

Thank you!

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How should we deal with PTPTN repayment?

About the PTPTN loan....Guys I just asked the SAD in TARC, the staffs said we all should reapply again because our Advanced Diploma is in the QUALIFIED list!!

I know the PTPTN had started charging us now. The application we sent was rejected with no specific reason except MAYBE.....

Anda adalah dimaklumkan pihak perbadanan tidak dapat mempertimbangkan permohonan panangguhan tuan kerana tidak memenuhi salah satu syarat seperti berikut:

a) penangguhan kerana tidak bekerja - hanya dipertimbangkan sekiranya tidak melebihi 24 bulan dari tarikh mula bayar asal pinjaman

b) penangguhan kerana masih meneruskan pengajian secara sepenuh masa kecuali bagi kursus professional dan kursus yang menerima gaji/ elaun yang tidak melebihi rm250 sebulan

c) penangguhan kerana menyambung pengajian ke luar negara dengan tajaan dari kementerian/jabatan/agensi/badan swasta dan tidak menerima gaji/elaun

But what I do know is that right now we all should re-apply now, and prepare the following required documents because soon the PTPTN officers will be here, it is best we ask the officers personally instead of query in phone.

The Required Documents :
*Surat Pengesahan Tarikh Tamat Pengajian
*Salinan Surat Tawaran Pengajian Baru

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*~~Green Box Gathering~~*

Green Box Gathering is here!!

I tell you this picture is taken by me and I can tell you the situation was that Shee Yin and Ken so love to take picture until singing also want take picture.....

That Biting "ngan qiu qiu.....BM call mata juling.......English call arrogant.......chinese call LANSI" See Chee beside her still smiling like nothing happen....

Actually can you all show other sign beside the "V-Sign"? Can mar? Don't always peace peace :P

Woi Junichi bangun lar.....apasal nampak mengantuk ni? Come karaoke should be energetic not like want to sleep!!!

Ken please don't pretend like you don't want the photo taken.....and you guys see Eelyn so serious with singing until don't even care someone taking photo..

See another person so love photo taking......that is Biting loh take photo until like that....

After playing the game(a competition held by GreenBox) and he won a balloon and a poster. Now he trying to be a warrior.....Hello this not online game please behave ^^

Junichi too pro until the staffs from Greenbox also want to take photo with him....

See the staffs even play along with us showing SILLY FACES!

Limited edition balloons that's why they want to hold it and take photo....

I was just help promote the balloon since everyone is holding the balloons except me T__T

I don't know how to describe this photo any clearer but GAY

I think this is like receptionist there taking photo because there is a phone beside.....

Erm i think it's clearly show that Eelyn trying to seduce Junichi, don't you think so?

Ken "fa hiao"

Told you Junichi is pro...... He gets another staff and this time is female to take photo..... Junichi can you please don't take all the female and left some for me and Ken?

Ya after Junichi then another person Kong Fei went take with her.....Don't want to lose out(Rugi kalau tak ambik gambar)

Looks like they know each other for a long time...

One album only straight can take photo.....I am jealous lah i admit because cannot take photo with her....

That's why end up taking photo in group.

One description "EVERYONE LOVE GREENBOX" that's why everyone take turn to take photo embedded with GreenBox brand name!!

Actually I pity Junichi because he wanted to pose like that and take photo but everyone was not cooperating!!

So end up no more pose, and take photo like normal, sigh why only got 3 limited edition balloons? This photo was taken by a teenager who was waiting for his turn to go in room to sing karaoke but don't know he lucky or not kena Junichi order to take photo.

Junichi how pro also no use, you see everyone bully him now....He looks like Santa Clause

After the Karaoke, they all went for dinner, of course without me because they choose to have dinner far away from my area T_T

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