~--Genting Gathering--(Part 2)~

Hi We're back!!
ready for part 2?

Prepare yourself for more laughters in Part 2

Girls are cheering so let's continue!!

In case you didn't notice, 4 girls are so standardize; white teeth, sweet smiles and glasses....New Spice Girls

WHY no one wear sun-glasses!!!!

Part3 sure got liao in the MotionMaster :)

Ok let me explain why so many pictures at the same place, that is because we all were waiting so long and had nothing to do and in addition, the camera man was actually trying to put AuYang's face into the picture too.

1st photo

2nd photo

the two persons in front already bored with the photo shooting but the two behind still eager to take.... really GG

I am so lonely behind....No one sit with me T_T Who should I hug when I am scare? hehe

Awww..... Happy couple.....Elyn and Kent

Moto boat...Just in case you don't know, the seats were wet :D

Unfortunately, we all forgot to bring Drypers so after the ride we all had our pants wet :X syok

This picture shows that Biting is 100% No water resistence, she "hide" in her "shell" like turtle and take photo.....GG

Wah this picture really embrassing, it seems like I am making love and too high with pills. -___-
This picture.... I have nothing to comment, but his face shows that he is having fun XD

So coincidental that Elyn face was blocked by water lolz

Kent's 2nd wife, they went on dating

Seems like water has it's own will, it likes to block people's face. I don't know why? Can you tell me why?! HAHA

A picture with Enegizer, makes your stamina last up to 6X longer than ordinary people
This roller coaster ride, only Biting no dare enter!! but of course after 2nd round she only enter!! wakakakakaka she needs time to prepare herself..... Air resistence also ZERO

DaiGaJie and YenLing were just a scene to be added into the picture ( Mandrine : Pei Jiao/ Kelefeh )
Well that is the end of Part 2, the Last Part will be on soooon so stay tune....

Recall back ===> Part 1 : Skyway Cable car and Spinning ride

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~--Genting Gathering--(Part 1)~

This is the walk through at Skyway cable car ..... All pretend paiseh don't dare take picture, but PeiLing so brave ( muka tebal) terus 1st person take picture XD wahahaha... I Salute!!!
This guy really acting....Really like take photo but pretend shy shy.....
There finally his true motive came out, a cute cute pose haha
This guy FaiZai, this time he was not blur blur liao, only when go trip no blur nia..... other time he sure blur blur geh :P

Just now the picture was ok, not too bright, but this picture taken with Junichi become too bright -___-
All taking pictures in the cable car, I think they all used Darlie to brush their teeth because they all show white teeth....

Told you FaiZai was not blur, the 2 guys in the picture more blur than him, didn't notice got people taking picture of them.
A picture with the London Bus, tell you a secret..... We use the Rubbish can a.k.a Genting Tong Sampah to put our camera at the right angle and take the picture together. PROFESSIONAL!!

Got locked inside, struggling to get out of the phone booth, I think he likes to be locked inside haha
KiaHong too thirsty so he took a sip from the fountain.... forgot to ask him about the taste of it....

4 Ultramen trying to save who from Genting?

This was the first round, Foggy weather.... but the ride was still carry on.... I forgot what was the name of the ride, but I do know that we all were dizzy after the ride.... Spin my mind out =.=
Now this was the second round of ride.... Guess who holding the camera? Biting, she said she felt dizzy after the ride. And Kent showing his hamsap tongue...OMG

As you can see we all were sitting on BABY CHAIRs!!!

Unbelievable eh? Baby chairs flying and spinning around in the air

It was fun, we all were yelling like crazy people who were recently being released from Tanjung Rambutan >.<
Too many pictures.... I need to separate it into few parts to talk...
This trip is the biggest ever!!
End of PART 1

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