1AFA07: FAILED - taxation#links#links

1AFA07: FAILED - taxtion in advanced#links#links
very weird and sad when fail tax coz mr duck give us very useful guideline but y still fail it...

some ppl who fail the subject same with me will say sure is mr duck mark our paper and he very serious on our language ..this may a reason that make me fail coz i remember that in my teaori part question i dun have much time to do it then i just simply write down the answer..and for the partnership part ,the whole question i dun knw how to do it.therefore i think the whole question will loose mark...

thinking nw.........r this two reason make me tax fail?????????

then peik teng will remark the paper .....is me follow her?????
plz give me some opinion.......

actualy i oledi prepare for resit..then izit prepare nw or after this sem finish???????
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Now failed FR.....No need to ask why I didnt studied hard last semester cause I know I done my best, so I have to accept that the way I study is wrong and NEED TO DO MORE EXERCISE MACAM CHAN SEE CHEE AND SEI KOR CHEE KHOON!!!

Ok done shouting ^^ kekekekee

This semester all want to do group study mou? last semster so suxk the result this semester still so lazy then can makan sendiri and beli rumput jor =)

So leave comment and suggestions thanks.....Fail one subject will help you burn your DESIRE TO save your own ass in this semester because you CANNOT AFFORD TO FAIL ONE MORE!! FM is a killer subject so BEWARE!! =)

Whatever you failed this semster we do group study(if we have one) to revise all back, for those who passed it is to refresh your memory loh ok mou? Don't sell fish lah chiong my business nia... =)
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one little of tear

Based on a true story!! '1 litre of tears'. Its really a very touching japanese drama portraying a 15 years old girl suffering n fighting bravely a disease called spinocerebellar atrophy, a neuronic degeneration of the brain.
Not a Special Girl, Just Chosen by a Special Disease.

Both young n old, male or female can watch.
Touching voice : Why did the disease choose me?
i cry 6 times in a nightT.T
Recommand it not for u to cry together with me, but to let u release our college life's stress..hehehehe

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Au Yang Yong Kiat Birthday Celebration!

Peik Teng request this to be posted because I was not there, she wants me to feel jealous so she everyday pm me in MSN and keep nudge me ask me POST.....Bo bien.....I post up and I feel a bit guilty thanks to Peik Teng ^_^ YOU SO NICE!!! =____=

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