HI..guyz...These is FDM after presentation.lets discover what happen for them.after finish class..^^..Enjoy u can see..when at very beginning..both of them were so boring ..jiejie:Why?.still dont want fast go snap picture and eat hungry lei!!!! too..why always need brainstorm?..hungry..sit down 1st..

Ken: come come come...we also snap piture 1st ..let uncle alone wait la...haha

Elyn:..biting come we snap 1st lo ...dun care about them nya..^^

Deng!!!Why Kit xiu long still haven come?..I wan snap photo wan de mah ..cannot always give these two girl snap only..somemore ken and choi also snap jor...

Hew:...Ah dun care 1st la...Ah choi, choi....come snap some photo 1st ..while waiting kit xiu..

Here come like one short one tall agent....double agent..

Finally ,Kit xiu come..snap a boy gang 1st ^^..see kit xiu got a bit rush fast ..^^

After that follow by all the girls lol..Abit far lo..cant really see them clearly..keke

Hehe afterwards sure 3 men shows lo....hey..oNg..why our background got some like tulisan jawi wan ...haha

one king serve by two ..girl servant...hahaha..Biting should wear white colour too mah..if so .thats was perfect lo..white gang..^^

Yo...our gang seperate by two .group for that asisgnment..these is group number 2. Four white plus one black one grey...

see..these is our gang 1st group society ...most of them wear black .colour shirt.haha ken u need to wear black colour time..or white also can..^^

hehe...see 1st role ..all smile so happy exspecially kit xiu ,ken,jiejie...opps kian yong improve close the eye..when snap picture..But wonder why back role..dai dai lou..and kena "shoot"..haha...keah hong apa la..last time at genting picture u also talk phone wan big business meh ?.

Keah hong:haha..sorry la...see this time i no hide myself at back talking phone lo..jz now wife on call mah im at 1st role .smile la..cheer...Yeah..alamak.kian yong eye close again..hehe..

with this picture..we call a day lo..and go for our lunch ...YES..
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SamSeiko said...

Good job Chris! Finally you return to post while I am gone...I thank you for that, hope you will continue to post. Ok agent 007? :P

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

okok..i will...hehe.!!!i was wonder if im..agent007...then u agent wat number sin?..hahha..1st time come out blog wif.picture..wan..not so familiar.maybe not good enuf.,dun blame if not good..haha..but sure i will try learn more hope to get myself involve on it..
Chris-->learn from fdm ah tan.XD

junichi said...

i wan take photo with u all.....

ken ken said...

week 12 all lai take again

^^ sTupiD t|nG^^ said...

yeah yeah yeah..
week 12 we take whole grp 1 geh..
dun wan our gang only geh..

Elyn said...

go find the tie guys~~~
so can capture the most smart look during ur advanced diploma..

SamSeiko said...

you all heard the "Dai Siu Jie" must follow ok! FAHAM? haha