It's been 1 year and 4months

Yes exactly 1 year and 4 months! We survived =)

How do I define the survival of this blog? I said this blog survived in terms of active. It has been continually active for 1 year and 4 months. Of course along the way we helped people ^_^ like we had done by providing ACCA tips or accounting students' working experiences or solving PTPTN problem.

We started as just promoting and writing down gatherings and birthday celebrations to sharing experiences and knowledge. I say we did pretty well.... KUDOS ^_^

Today is a new semester and it's our AFA students from year 08/09 LAST SEMESTER! But I promise this blog is not having a going concern problem, it will still active after we graduated....Please continue support us!

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ACCA Examination At the Edge....

I would like to appologize for the past few days the blog is unable to be viewed with Internet Explorer (IE), I could have fix it but I can't identify the error as soon as possible and I am having exams myself for P1, P2, and P3. Thus I had to leave it like that....for those who using FIREFOX will be able to view it perfectly.

Ok tell me how was the ACCA exams? I hope I can hear good news more than bad itself =)

Are the tips provided from tuition centres and text book publishers accurate? We should do some analysis about it...for me the P1 and P3 had pretty good tips accurately pin-pointed out. Well they are merely intelligent guesses so DO NOT BLAME people if you failed :P

Anyway let's pray for good result in coming February 2009. For those ACCA students who said "no hope" please prepare yourself in the coming sitting in JUNE 2009 :P

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P1 - How to construct a case

Hi, here is one of the example of pilot paper on how to CONSTRUCT A CASE

I hope this will help you to figure out what does it means by construct a case in P1 (professional accountant) ACCA exam.

The specimen paper, for example, invites candidates to: Construct the case for JPX adopting a unitary board structure after the proposed acquisition. (Your answer should include an explanation of the advantages of unitary boards and a convincing case FOR the JPX board changing to a unitary structure).

This is not to say that unitary boards are better than two-tier boards in general but the questionis asking candidates to demonstrate a level 3 cognitive skill which, in this case, is to construct an argument (or ‘the case’) for the adoption of a unitary board at JPX

^_^ just my way of sharing my way of doing revision. Doesn't it feels good knowing that I am helping you to recall and doing revision with you ...?

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ACCA December 08 P1 Tips


Area to focus :

1. Corporate Governance

- definition , the aims of....
- Role of Remuneration Committee
- Agency theory … agency costs
- Role of company secretary
- Role of the board
- Appraisal of the Board , Committees & individual directors
- Discussion of one of the fundamental principles underlying good CG
- Circumstances for institutional investor intervention

2. Internal Control

- Audit Committee – role & responsibilities
- Factors in deciding to establish internal audit

3. Risk

- Role of risk committee
- Reputation, reputation risk & effects

4. Ethics

- Working out an ethical dilemma using American Accounting Association
- Use of Tucker’s model to assess ethical view of corporate actions
- Corporate social responsibility - ( Don’t forget Gary, Owens & Adams’ 7 stances )
- Corporate Citizenship (remember Carrol’s pyramid )
- CSR … definition etc
- CSR – Business case / Non business case
- Environmental footprint
- CSR reporting ; mandatory vs voluntary

All the ACCA DECEMBER 2008 P1 EXAM focus areas are "VERY IMPORTANT" there are some just "IMPORTANT"
These tips are from Ms Sheila.
We do not have the rights over the tips therefore I merely quote some of them and not copy everything. We will not be held liable for the tips given are inaccurate or what-so-ever.

Disclaimer : All the tips posted are for education purposes only.

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