Khai Shin's Funny Intership Experience!!

(Source:Khai Shin's Blog)

Here are some of the sneek-peek of her working environment in PWC(Penang) ...

Her comment was:
"Our office's pantry...luv the 'platinum' coffee machine...making drinks have never been simpler!!"

My Opinion : From the picture i can see got a nice view to enjoy while drinking coffee XD

"See how we messed up client's office..Haha!! That whole stack of files are juz a tiny part of my work...imagine that!!" Complaint by her... LOL

Now let's listen to what she gonna say.....

Haha...wondering why I say so?? Be patient...juz read the lyrics below...itz in Cantonese and there might be some errors...juz ignore them..hehe!! I was extremely FREE in the office and that's why I came out with these lyrics to describe my working life as a VT in PWC...muahaha!!! :)

In fact, I wanted to upload a song here but I've been tryin for the past few days...and it juz doesn't work...damn!! Juz happened to hear that song from the radio one afternoon during work...the song is not popular but the lyrics somehow juz made me laugh...itz called 日出而作.

By the way, I've been allocated for a job for 3 weeks and finally...I've got something to do!! But...I still prefer sitting in the office coz all I've been doing for my job is just vouching and vouching and VOUCHING...!!! So tedious and boring...the photo above is not that clear...see all my writings there?? Yeah...tatz what I've been words are so freakingly eyes are popping out already!! Well...shouldn't be complaining anymore...haha...relaxed enough already...time to do some work!!! Go Go Go!!!

For more detail about the working environment in PWC(Penang) do ask her or you just want to see the lyric "返工...吃风...放工??" she made it herself then go visit her blog here!

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