i dun hv intership, i oni hv part time-ship

Ask by Mr ong (organiser of tarcafa.blogspot.com):
What you think of the company?

Answer by Mr Ken:
It call Orange Internet Sdn Bhd. What so special about tis company? NO, dun hv any special. Y i work at there since no special? cos suitable for such a non-special ppl like me. no la, cos internship less salary and maybe will rugi too...furthermore i work at there b4, then mar work lo.!!

O: Who is your boss, who is your senior?

K: My boss ar? we call him MOR TAO(devil) cos his face like a devil, no smile 4ever geh. And like to make trouble to us and let us troubleshoot it...I no many contact with him geh. Y leh? famous word come out from him is -你认为呢? while we ask for his opinion, so we dun hv contact with him since oledi noe the answer.

O: wat do you practically do during internship hours?

K: wat i do??? wat can i do inside a CC wor? oni sit at counter and wait customer come see me for 3 second and i smile smile to them lo..some time no song the kid customer will scold them make them paiseh...or restrict them come in who with skul uniform.

O: What do they require you to do when you are in the office?What is their expectation on you?

K: Geng lo!!! they hv give me a Policy oso althought i am a little part timer. wan hv a look on the policy? 1. Improve business system 2. up to date games and programs 3. well keep facilities bla bla bla...walao eh,gg la boss!!! tis thing let his top management to settle la!! y make trouble to little staff wor??? earn u so little wan make us do many many...

O: Do you have your own desk?

K: got ar... the size very big oso geh!!! got pc geh!!! got speaker geh!! can online geh!!! can on9 watch video geh!!! can see comic on9 geh!!!

O:How much is your salary per month?

K: Sei Mr ong!!! y wan ask salary??? wan rampas my part time job??? dun wan tell u jor!!! so confidencial geh thing where can let u noe geh? u think me siao meh!!!

O: The place that you are working at, is it convenient for you? Example where do you head for lunch.....How did you go to working place?

K: very mafan de!!! tis oso wan ask!!! tell la tell la... near TARC de, desa setapak, can say convenient lo, driving go there geh.!! ok?? haiz... dun ask lunch, cos i no lunch time geh!!!! diu...makan sini, cuci sini, bang sai bang liu oso sini.....T.T

O:What do you gain from the internship?

K: got gain got gain!!! learn from senior geh thing:
不会做就拖, 拖不来就闪, 闪不及就避,避不开就慢慢做, 做不完就cincai做到完, 做错了就赖, 赖不掉就改, 改不了就学, 学不好就不做。
so conclusion is : my job = sien !!!


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ken said...

Paiseh paiseh.... dun praised me la... it is real thing leh!!!
btw who are u ah??? mind intro if u r leng lui????

EliteVillain said...

@ renaye :LOL renaye u meow till here....

@ken : nice experience shared lar, i am sure alot of ppl agree with u edy XD wahaha then i guess next post suppose to be me lor :D

Anonymous said...

kent: wa....so detail oo!!! good job

EliteVillain said...

who are u....why so mystery wor show me ur name!!!

Anonymous said...

Paiseh...paiseh!!! lupa put my name!!

is me see chee lo!!.....

i forget my passwork le....so can't use my name put my comment !!hehe