Kean Hung's Internship Review(Penang)

I went for interview with Au Yang, and Jia Hong at GEP Associates A.K.A Ewe&Co .

The first day we went there we waited for 1 hour in the office. The office is quite small like small house without any notice board in that a company. quite a dull place if you ask me. After a while we were shocked to hear that we will not be working for the firm, because they said GEP no longer existing. It will be taken over by another firm call Tan Beng Teik&Co. That is a secretarial and tax firm. Our audit firm will join with them then it made known to us that audit firm is called Kck&Associates.

First thing to learn about is statutory audit. Afterward you will learn more about test check for a company expenses, bank and cash transactions test, use lotus software to do all audit reports and all the extended trial balance and balance sheet so on and so fort. The audit report and confirmation letter quite easy because. The format is fixed. You just have to change the date and amount.

The staffs are quite good and nice to us. It was a surprise because we join the firm for a few day already have a female staff birthday and we all celebrated with her…...haha.. Then work for 1 week like that, the audit department have 2 staffs leaving this company…...We had a farewell party with them, we went to Japanese restaurant. Actually what we had for lunch is economic rice only ..

Everyday all staff had their lunch at conference room. We did not went out eat eventhough we have 1 hour break, because the parking cost RM 4 per entry and nothing to eat in our near by office area ..So we always call telephone to ask for delivery food…..

Forget tell that our firm is located at Gurney Tower 26th floor. That is an office tower, a total of 36 floors. Working place is still ok, but it is better than GEP ...Everyday keep repeating the same work, but different company thus we can learn more special cases. Actualy just keep working, I heard that trainee will have a chance to go out factory or other client’s firm to do audit and learn but I do not have this opportunity yet.....haha.. If you all wishes know what then email me. I will answer.

Conclusion for internship in this company is quite fun and nice. You get to learn a lot of things. haha…..

In case you do not know ....I tell you, my salary is RM 400 only whereas, Jia Hong is RM 300 only. Working at Penang working salary is like that. I have a lot of fun such as I can see a nice view from my office, located at 26th floor, and we had a farewell party with the present staffs. Oh by the way, if you want to work in this firm, the uniform, which is formal will be provided for you therefore you can see why we all dress up so different with the present staffs. It is a sign that we are trainees. Besides that my friend and I had an experience of becoming a passenger in our employer’s car, Honda Accord….He drove very fast so we all sat quietly behind…..That’s all

If you have any question to ask about Tan Beng Teik&Co and Kck&Associates working environment in Penang,
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Kean Hung


Anonymous said...

wa...very good working experience for u, thank you sharing with us..haha.why no person comment de! nasib i support u...although u only have RM400 allowance but i think u have a good working environment if compared to other..haha..

elite2villain said...

lolz who are u? thx u support him....not that he no one support is just that this post is still new not many ppl promote nia

Anonymous said...

haha.Mr. wong ..i oso will support u de when u bully by is u good friend Mr....u guess la ^^...

elite2villain said...

@anonymous : my surname is ONG no W de leh....u r mong cha cha?