Kita Boleh~~chiong a!!!

Final exam for AFA first semester is coming soon, its about 7 days to go. The first exam paper is English paper which is the paper testing my broken and poor english. During the sem, i got a irresponsible english tutor. Actually i quite like her irresponsible because can end class early and i can simply do my meeting and individual presentation. Hehe.. Emm, i think the problem is her secondary teaching style ba, i feel sleepy when attending her class because what she did was translated the words from the notes to the voice she spoke only. What she have been taught is copy and paste from the notes even a example she gave was also 100% same with the notes. I think the most boring part is the case study part ba. Our syllabus case study just 1 to 2 pages article but she used the 5 to 6 pages case study to teach us. DAMN LAME. I think stop write this topic better, if not its can go for 1000 words and more. Do u all agree? lastly i hope i can get at least a B for this subject.

The second subject is Taxation. I got 2 lecturers for the taxation who are Mr kuek(duck) and Mr Micheal. prefer micheal yeoh teaching style because he will teach as much as he can. On the other hand, the duck's teaching style is teach us as less as he can. Dont know he is lazy to teach or expect us will read the text book and public ruling. But anyway both of them are also funny lecturer especially Mr Micheal because he bring a lot of fun to us during the lecture hours. Actually taxation is the subject that i hate the most because i got many friends scored A in the basic taxation and i only scored B nia. Somemore i feel the taxation like law, got a lot of law legistration and case laws. Now i'm worrying for this subject because my scored low coursework marks and i dont even sure i pass my coursework or not. The feel of regreted for didnt study hard for the 2 progress test come again to me. The reason is used the word "again" is everytime i also didnt study hard. Haha..

The last subject is Financial reporting. I dislike and fear to this subject, i wonder why i cannot scored A for my FAP and FA in my diploma. Can anyone tell me? Maybe i didnt study hard for those paper ba. The FR lecturer talking speed is damn slow and i think that is the reason to explain why the lecture is lame. I found the FR paper is actually not hard if u gone through the tutorial and the exercise in the lecturer notes but its got a lot of things that we have to know and have to study. Today the coursework marks is given to us. Althought the marks not very high but i think the marks enough to satisfy le.

Actually i dont have the habit to study a week before the exam coming. Normally i study 1 or 2 days before the exam but i think i will do my first time to study a week before for the taxation and FR because its really too much things to study le. Now AFA coursework marks is no longer 20% le, its increased to 30% and i just scored a lower marks for the coursework which means i have to score higher marks in the final. (=.+" hope i can do it)

Lastly hope we all can score colourful results for the coming exam. Lets us shout it loud "Kita Boleh"

**attention- please do not ever post any comment on my broken english and grammer mistake.Thanks..


elite2villain said...


u so brave ar mention their real name? Why no name out our english tutor? i dun care edy, i will skip the dumb class today since im not in the bar list for the last week

u surprise me by posting such geng ARTICLE in the blog waliu eh REALLY BEYOND GODLIKE!!!

btw we get so low marks is becuz we didnt study lah ahahah use the diploma style again sure die lar >.< i play + study = remember nothing

Yen Ling said...

wah..din noe u got so many things to say de wo..
sam, i oso same as u la..nvr study much..this exam damn scared...hope still can get the results tat i wan la..haha..

^^ sTupiD t|nG^^ said...

haha... june kuan.. keng wor...
suddenly post so long de blog wor..
i am so so so suprise abot this... haha... but dun put d gay one lah.. haha..

yenling: u sure can get d result tat u wan de lah, u so keng.. hehe

junichi said...

thanks ur support..
hehe ^^