Know yourself,,,,,,,,

Have you all found the value for ur existing in the world? Do you all know what is the reason you alive in the world or what u alive for? Maybe i shouldn't exist in this world. Do you willing to leave the world?

"Have you all found the value for ur existing in the world?" "Do you all know what is the reason you alive in the world or what u alive for?" Ya, i have found it. MY existing is to build happiness to my family and friends, to sharing the problem with them, to caring them, to walk through my life with them. Friends and family, which 1 is more important? The answer is family because family is the one who will walk with u in the rest of ur life. Or we use a word "part time" to describe friend becayse friends are also have their own family.You may have fun with ur friends, may go lim teh with ur friends, may chit chat with ur friends but at the end of the day u will back to home, you will meet ur family.

Will it different if i disappear in your life? Maybe this is a funny question. For those who dislike me will hope me to disappear but for those who like n love me so much will not hope that happen. its will totally different. My answer for the quesiton is yes, its will totally different. I'm the only son in my family, my parents have a lot of hoping and expectation on me. I hope i can achieve their expectation and serve them in the future.For my friends, i got a lot of fun at the past and i wish to continue the fun in the future. For my dear, she contribute a lot to me and i wish to pay back to her with the rest of my life.

"Do you willing to leave the world?" NO. I don't want to leave at this moment. I still got a lot of promise haven't achieve yet. I still got a lot of thing haven't do yet. I still got a lot of things haven't try yet. I still got.... I still got... So i hope myself got 60 years more to go in this world. Am i greedy? How many years u still wan t to stay in this wonderful world? Do ur life wonderful enough?


elite2villain said...

geng there are some questions i nvr thought b4....

Question 1 : hmm honestly i duno why am i here in this world maybe to ease my family members from many things gua...then bring laughters and help frens ^^v

question 2 : i think many sure will miss me =P dun paiseh im sure out of 100 got 90 miss me when im gone =P

question 3 : i am not willing to leave the world until i had done my job as a son then leave lor since nothing to do edy =X

am i greedy? YES who doesnt? those who said no pretty sure 80% u r lying!!!


Yen Ling said...

wah..exam time oso got time to blog..really 'pui fuk' u la...