As you can see clearly your Kaplan Advanced Financial Management is a PIRATED VERSION, I feel sorry for all those students who bought it. Seems like we made a huge mistake for not calling up Kaplan center to clarify the legal distributor existence before purchasing the books.

The supplier is very bold and cunning to cheat TARC students and thinking he might get away but I believe one day he will be thrown to jail! Clearly this Maxim guy knows the loop hole in law that is why he got away this time....Could not believe that people could come around TARC and cheat the students money and got away, this is happening to us for the first time and I hope it will be the last time.

I can tell you that students know when they have been scammed. The time my friends received the books they knew it's pirated and they have no idea what to do with the book but to use it since the semester had started. In the end the victims are TARC students...... I urge all future TARC students to be diligent in checking out the legal distributor of original text books, this is to ensure you all get the original text on time and with promised quality and also to avoid being will never know when the scammers gonna strike again!

For those of you who did not log into CeL, I think once a while you should! Ms Geh had apologized to AFM students but TARC will not as TARC did not take any initiative to deal with text books purchasing activity. We should thank Ms Geh(who is also a victim too) for taking the initiative to help out students.

My point of view is, we can't do anything and since it is almost end of the course let's forget it! But always remind your friends and other peers to take note of this so they can avoid it next time from being scammed. It's serious since people DISGUISE as LEGAL DISTRIBUTOR and selling pirated books around colleges. Therefore, I urge everyone to pass around the news so they can take note!

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Henry~~a deeply concerned non-victim said...

Actually Ms Geh wanted to use our course fund to compensate those fallen for the scam but luckily there isnt much left so she decided to drop the idea(thanks to me).So guys..can you imagine using OUR own money to compensate OURSELVES for HER mistake...How very cunning of Ms Geh.....Also,if the management had taken our complaint more seriously when it was first brought up, they would have been able to act quickly enough to track the "scum" down ....haiz,such case should have had happened to Sunway.I am sure our friends there dont mind losing a few cents to illegal charity...Anyway, what has happened has already happened so no point feeling upset over it.Just remember to be more careful next time and make use of what you learned from P1.1.Always deal at arm's length 2.always exercise due diligence.(Finally Dr Wong seems to be of some use after all....)

SamSeiko said...

wow Henry great comment there. Seriously how can this happen to us right? Why no one confirm the distributorship in town? A lot of questions and only few answers. Yeah I feel P1 comes handy even Ms Geh herself did said that. Anyway we're almost end of our course no more such thing gonna happen to us but not sure for coming TARC AFA students. Let's just hope the students will make the confirmation of distributorship before make any purchases.

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

Haiz..dunno how to comment it ..also ..But great that henry had bring out the point..this semester going to end very soon..we sure wont be affect by this issue..But hopefully wont happen again ..when junior proceed to year 2..

Nothing we can do at this moment.if you all did not bring out these topic.I was merely forget about what i faced when I received APM text.For sure AFM student wont forgot it,because they carried on fake text to study .and it actually had broke the reputation whether internally or externally .like student wont rely on orgi.TExt.Kaplan reputation as well as Tarc afa platinum title will be affected.

Again.proper action and control must be there.It lead to TQM(total quality mgmt)philosophy .,try to get it right at 1st time and everytime.perhaps seek for continuos improvement