Female Be Aware of the Tricks

Recently there is a forward email defaming a student, probably the story is true but we have no concrete evidence about it so we cannot conclude it is the truth. We're open to any sources that had any knowledge about this matter(TARC CASANOVA, or TARC PLAYBOY).

Now the recent forward email is about a guy name Eric(now known as one of the TARC CASANOVA, or TARC PLAYBOY) who woo girls without any sincerity and only have one intention (SEX), currently he is a student in DPR1.

Of course I do not know him personally but from the email(TARC CASANOVA, or TARC PLAYBOY) I get, seems pretty much genuine as it doesn't seem like a made-up conversation. So if there is anyone from DPR1 please provide us more information so we know the reliability/credibility of facts(TARC CASANOVA, or TARC PLAYBOY) in the email.

I would like to show my sympathy towards all the female victims. It is not respectful to treat female or any human being this way! If this email is true I hope this guy be ashamed of what he had done and it's humiliation towards own family too! But I should warn female too, this kind of incident always involving 2 parties, if the respondent party(female) did not give in then this matter would not have happen. Please think of the consequences before succumb into lust.
So female beware of guys who always ask for sex, even we(male) find it inappropriate!
Couple in love without sex can still hold onto the relationship!

Now I wanna comment on these conversations from email "TARC CASANOVA" or "TARC PLAYBOY"................

witness 6#
'I saw him trying to force a girl to have sex with him in a car. I don't know what happen after that.'

Just being the spectator? Then I think he is no better than Eric!!
Coursemate 1#
' Eric? Fuck him la. Always talk rubbish. Didn't think bout the things before saying'

LOL talk about himself? Did he even think before giving out such comment that doesn't help/add value?

Coursemate 3#
' You ask me about that sohai? No need la. Talk rubbish all the time. Thought he's handsome try to kao all the girls. He and his friend same only la. Both live same house both also sohai...'

I find this waaaay too funny =) Don't you think so?

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henry~~i am not a friend of Eric said...

I really envy Eric.I savour the idea of taking on different girls every night with no strings attached....so if you happen to be a friend of Eric,do arrange a meeting between us .I would love to request to take over some of "abandoned possessions"....haha.just kiddding.i am here to lighten the mood....but honestly, i think if i were a girl ,i might have slept with him also coz he must be extremely good if he is comparable to Casanova

SamSeiko said...

@Henry : can't be lah....he can't be that good lah....otherwise why would people said he is bad right? and he only keep asking for sex from girls ....no respect at all.... Or maybe you know that Eric, don't cover up?! :P hehehe

henry aka eric .................schmidt said...

Before you know his true color you would think he is good until one day he dumps you.that s when you take revenge by defaming him ...people are always like that lar....Sam you are really a genius.This time you hit the bull's eye...my other identity is actually Eric...haha.So better keep your girlfren away from my sight....

SamSeiko said...

@Henry : lol...since i hit it then i shall let others judge this matter...i better keep quiet otherwise you gonna end up with my potential girlfriend :P those single please come forward!

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

hahaha...henry how come become eric..wahaha.must so keep all the girls out of he sight lo hor...

But unfortunate.we not know much girl at college..maybe with last time.henry-Ex-asistant courserep can get to know more about girl lo.(sorry forgot the position u carry on last time)..

we all small potato how to get to know more other girl.Envy eric sure got abit lo.he must have some special ability .only can attract girls

But sam.this post about defamation u seem like also support eric lo .hor.With your previous comment i know you have target right?.why dont share it out.since jz henry and me at this moment.Dont bluff with the word potential girlfren.I bet u soon gonna have one.wahaha

ken ken said...

we not small potato...we r potato chips...

SamSeiko said...

@Chris : My Defamation post did not support Eric. I urge all girls to be aware of him and trying to get facts whether the incident is true or not! You don't simply say I support Eric later many readers come "burn" me....

Henry is our Treasurer so he sure have a lot of influences but he don't want to share his influences with us, right Henry?

Besides we all have a lot of potential girlfriends just depend on you want to put effort in courting her or not =)

@Ken : You always think of Mister Potato Chip?

Henry~~an admirer of the fairer sex...visually only said...

Haha.I am incredibly flattered by your trust in me. But with the self understanding that i am not so much of a lady's man, it would be fit that you consult Samseiko concerning boy - girl relationship...
Sam, A terrible mistake it is if you thought i have forgotten about you strolling with a girl in the park,holding hands together with fingers locked tightly...not to mention about the one vanilla ice cream which the both of you so enthusiastically swept with your tongues...yummy!!...or yucks!!

SamSeiko said...

@Henry : .....(speechless as being ACCUSED!!!)
Really bad of you thrashing me that way!!! I'm still single and available!! :P
Wei there is no strolling or licking one ice cream together with a girl, never happen before not currently anyway!!
Nor am I good in boy-girl relationship, I'm learning just like you all...but there is 9 year old boy, named ALEC GREVEN he knows best! Google it....

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

Good point there Henry.With your illustration..Now Im start realize that sam really..haha..licking one ice-cream together..so tasty right sam?.It's not defamation ,it was true right?haha

No wonder no need chase girls at college.because you already had girl which holding one ice-cream waiting you there..haha

Ken-->haha..we whether potato chip or small potato ..i think is still the same ending..Finally I mention it again our college life end soon..

SamSeiko said...

@Chris : =.= I have said it already...no girl waiting for me nor am i have girlfriend....later i sabotage you chris!!!

Till now there is still no news about this Eric person...Henry please make use of your influence lar...find this guy out!

Don't keep mention end of college life...i may take different course to continue in TARC :P anyone wants to join me? ahhahaha

Anonymous said...

For edison chan scandal,
the girls should not take naked photo if they only blame edison while should not only blame edison if they are voluntary.
For this condition,
the girls should not give sex if they want to blame and don't blame if themselves want to give sex.
the playboy is really a bastard and ruins tarc's boy image.
For the girls,
be smart la, leave the boy only want sex and call police if they force u la.

SamSeiko said...

wow annonymous, I like your comment quite bold....Mind intro yourself?
Although I agree but I believe when someone fall in love they do not know how to differentiate what is true or fake feelings.
Once emotionally involved they are no longer in the logical cloud but they are in the cloud9 :)
Love is blind.
I don't want to point fingers on who's fault to blame as I'm not in that situation....but girls have to be aware of the playboys =) you sure seem like very sure of the matter, mind share more about what actually happen with Eric?

Anonymous said...

i enjoy being an anonymous and i dun know about eric.
i may be conservative that hold a view of sex after married.
if you stay as a virgin, you only lost love but at least u dun lost ur body.
if you voluntary to give sex to maintain the relationship, u have to bear the risk. even he is not playboy, he may also leave u. as in business world, high risk high return.
love is blind, i may agree. just as an attractive investment, everyone want to invest but how many people know the threat behind the high return.

SamSeiko said...

Ok, you have the right to be anonymous :) that's why we put the option for you. Well use of the right!

In your point of view it is well said, everything comes with risk so we should not blame any parties right? Well if you have read some of the comments in email they were specifically saying Eric is a bastard eventhough they were not the victim, just being a friend they already had they bad feeling on him.

In the modern world can we all still be that conservative about marriage? I can't assure that but I do support you if you do that for whatever reasons.

But seriously can we quote love with risk? In my point of view I see love is not a risk, it's about what you given to the recipient without hopping to get back in return and regardless of whoever had given more, so there is no risk isn't it if you don't hope something for return? :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...Voluntary give sex is not to maintain the relationship. I can sure that, nowsaday having sex before married is common, the girl will also be sure the behalf can be trusted only will having sex with him. Having sex is not a return, even for guys. The guys may be felt proud on now but not at future. Glory for having many partners ? No way

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

Haha...wan to know .more about .threat of love behind..study business analysis lo .learn more model like .pestel,swot to evaluate urself .and futher .porters five forces help u on threat ..(since treat as a business world)

Its jz a investment .boys or girls.either party can choose to leave the business market to .find other opportunity .

Why love have to be evaluate based on risk and business..i dun agree with that .actually .love does not have right or wrong ..Like edison scandal .who can judge it right or wrong ?who we want to blame for ?at last for sure we all blame .edison most ..but does not think about .girls also hv intention to snap that photo.Everything have their pons and cons.again .love is always unfair.

q(?_?)p q(=.=)p said...

WOW...Business analysis also coming out... Sigh...Whatever comment also can be... Moral also will be coming soon right ?
Ya, Chris. We are not to judge Edison right or wrong... Just to discuss about the Play "boy" case only

Anonymous said...

For anonymous II,
i din say having sex is return but the girls being undue influence from the boys that 'if u dun give sex, i'll leave u' will normally . I oppose this way but agree that having sex with trusting each other.
i only conclude that 'give sex for the purpose of maintaining the relationship' is high risk high return.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SamSeiko said...

@q(?_?)p q(=.=)p:
Yeah not much of a glory in having a lot of partners at the same time when you get busted :D Besides maybe you can bring in Moral values since the exam is coming soon on next Monday!

@Chris :
Yes indeed we could bring in those business analysis but then again I believe love is not like investment....usually love only given or taken but we should not expect anything in return :) So yeah love is unfair...

@Anonymous :
I totally understand what you mean, so that also concludes female bear the higher risk compared to male....Then your conservative way can make sure BOTH bear the risk since it's under marriage oath right? Don't take it too personally as we all are here to discuss about it only. I believe none of us know Eric here. Until someone came and tell us more about him, we're all merely discussing on the email.

Anonymous said...

There are 4 probable parties to be blamed
1. eric - too handsome or too sweet-mouthed until the girls ignoring his bad even they knew
2. the victims - too 'blind' as others said 'love is blind'
3. the friends of eric - they are gang? or too coward to advise the girls?
4. the friends of girls - they have implemented responsible of a friend to advise her?

Everyone include me should blame 1and it is too cruel to blame 2 but haven't u thought about 3 and 4. They hold a heavy responsible and they may change the situation but din they do?

Anonymous said...

to samseiko,
it is not true that all the girls bear bigger risk as there are also many boys beings cheated for money and true love by playgirls.
marriage oath means nothing nowaday, it is better to change my view from sex after married to sex with trusting.
however, sex after married can reduced the uncertainty at greatest level as the boy has really shown their true heart for the girl AT THE STAGE. i think no boy will think to get another girl when he has just married or only marry for sex.

Eddrew said...

"Thought he's handsome try to kao all the girls"

QFT~~ Wakakakaa....

Eh.. WHere u all read bout this fcking playboy?? Can Sam pls send me the e-mail??

Eddrew said...

Holy Shit~!! This fcking playboy Eric is from VI? Damn fcking embarrassing VI lo~!! I feel sad for VI to produce such a asshole jerk~! Sigh~~

SamSeiko said...

@Anonymous :
Well I have no further comment :) I like the way you said it with reasonable reasons behind your statements. Glad to have a comment like yours in the blog. Hope you will visit again to participate :D

@Eddrew :
LOL don't have to react that way right? You're over reacted. Just one bad apple, doesn't indicates whole VI is that way, i don't think it will affect the image but I do believe it will affect his family image! So, chill ok :P

Quentin said...

wow, so many comment...sam, i think u hv put an interesting post,so many participants..
personall, i hv no comment on this guy,since i dunno the reality of issue, but gal pls be careful , dun being seduced by a guy with handsome face..
U might regret forever!!

SamSeiko said...

@Quentin :
so far none of the commenters here know about the Eric and the real matter so we all just merely discussing the matter from the email. Just sharing views with each other :)

So don't worry.... Come share your view with all of us here :)

Liy Liy said...

Hello n Hello to all the readers...

First time ever, i read so many comments here.. Really amazing.. Good job ya Ken Wai.. Keep it up..

Chris : I'm really salute u. U r able to come out with PESTEL, FIVE FORCES n bla bla to evaluate ourselves. I think u study too much already...

To all the readers,
Before i express my opinion, actually this case happened for quite some time already.. I received 2-3 emails regarding this guy including his picture. But i already deleted the email that why I'm not able to share the email with u all..

To me, who should responsible?? I think both partners also should responsible for it.. The guy should not pin point to the lady and vice versa..

Remember our subject moral and etika, prinsip kewajipan.. We should responsible for every step we took..

Anonymous said...

i'm very agree with liy liy that "prinsip kewajipan", everyone should responsible for their actions
look like everyone can apply what we learnt from college in our comments

SamSeiko said...

@Liy Liy :
Thanks, we all do participate so kudos everyone ^_^

@Anonymous :
Haha, you sure apply a lot from FM or AFM stuffs (risk and return)

Henry said...

Hi guys .It is such a thrill to see so much energy, so much life, so much heat being generated in this blog, thanks to my charm, which always does the work!!! Also, Kudos to Samseiko for his tireless effort in keeping the momentum going. It Is definitely no simple feat to check on and to reply to our comments on such consistent basis. That‘s all for my opening. Now, let us get down to business.
For your information, my reappearance in this blog is NOT a coincidence. I know there have been some speculations going on about who “Anonymous” really is. So, I think it is necessary that I come in to help clear the air by first, clarifying that i am NOT “Anonymous”. As you can see on top, I have A NAME, which is typed and printed big and boldly. So that should help to narrow down your range of suspects Second, since this has turned out to be quite an interesting riddle ,I think it wouldn’t harm if I take a guess of who “Anonymous “ is. After putting in only a split second of thought, coupled with an ever accurate sixth sense, I finally conclude that my guess would be none other than AH POON.That’s right. I believe Ah POON is Mr.” Anonymous”.
Let me put this straight. Girls who sleep with guys after only knowing them for a few months or maybe even a few weeks, and eventually regret or cry over it when the guys left them, really don’t have brains to begin with. On the contrary, Guys who are able to spot and prey on girls whom they know are “that dumb”, must be rather intelligent. Eric is one of those guys. No one should be blamed for such misshap on the girl’s part.It is her own fault for not being able to employ even the slightest and most fundamental intellect, which is something that we should have already developed by the time we were still learning multiplication tables.(remember the evergreen "stranger" lesson from our parents")
On a more serious note, I feel that it is very questionable on how applicable the equation of high risk equals high return is in weighing matters concerning love affairs. It is true that when someone falls in love, emotion often overrules rationality, but, in my opinion, not to the extent of rendering someone incapable of exercising caution and reservation. People nowadays are reasonably aware of the risk that they have to bear the moment they get into a relationship, but they might not have an idea of how much they will have to suffer in the event that the relationship fails or when they realize that they have been cheated. What I am trying to put forth is that basically, investing in a relationship might not be similar to investing in a business project or a stocks. When you invest in stocks, you know that the tangible loss that you might suffer is the amount you have put in. This is quantifiable. However, it should borne in mind that on top of the material losses, there is always a degree of emotional pain that accompanies the”crytalisation of risk”., which could impact us much more than we have imagined, regardless of how rational we thought we were before our worst nightmare comes true. The only major difference between being that in love affair and a financial investment is that in a love affair, raw emotion usually runs much deeper, thus making the measurement of risk remotely possible or unreliable.
I think sex after marriage is definitely the better option. Th reason behind my choice is pretty obvious .If a person only looks for sex in a relationship, he or she will never get married under any circumstances except when his/her victim is filthy rich.In fact, he / she would have made his/her move to ask for sex much earlier, just like what Eric did, if sex is his/her primary motive of approaching the opposite sex. If a couple is bound by true love, I believe neither would agressively push for sex before marriage as a show of their sincerity and respect for one another.

SamSeiko said...

@Henry :
LoL thanks Henry, it's my job to reply since I'm one of the bloggers here. Unbelievable that you produce out such long comment and it seems you also believe there is no one to be blamed onto.....

But I believe Eric isn't using any intelligence at all as he just prey on the weak ones and take advantage on them (Egoism?). He just haven't met the "pro" to have him played around, do treat others the way that you wish others would do onto you (Karma - what goes around comes around)

Yes indeed love is hard to quantify but like I said before, if you gave out your love sincerely and without hoping the return of love from that person (only) then there is no loss or unnecessary to quantify besides how much you gave is not equal to how much is received by him/her. Love is very subjective and intangible. So if you love him/her doesn't mean must end up as couple, don't you think as long he/she is happy(maybe he/she happy with you or maybe not) then it's enough?

haha you sure apply a lot of what you've learned from child till today.

Let's not forget that we are in study week and next week is Moral and all other exams :) Do your best!!

henry said...

1.)Hi Sam, as a theory, your argument is acceptable.It is true that love should be more about giving than receiving.But in practicality, i believe such blind love is what each and everyone of us try to avoid.When you love someone with you heart and soul but end up not getting commensurate repayment, trust me, you would rather wish that the feeling didnt arise in the first place, or wish that you could just leave it behind immediately and move on in life. Anyway ,in my opinion,It is always safer to incorporate risk into any relationship so that you would be more ready to take the hit when the worst case scenario happens,which is again, an idea of practicality.Emotion is the closest to us and yet the furthest from our reach .It is close to us because it directly affects our lives ,painting it with ups and downs.However, it is almost beyond our reach because we cannot control or suppress any of our emotions when they strikes.We only thing that we have to protect us from such unpredicatability is the rational side of our mind,to use it to exercise practicality so as buffer any harms that result from any unfavourable emotions.

2.) i agree that it is difficult to the realize a true intention of a person when someone is on a emotional rush,given that to see through human beings in itself is already difficult enough even for the most rational minds.

3.)Relationship is matter of privacy and so it is not appropriate for any friends to interfere unless they are certain that their friends have fallen prey to bogus relatioship.

4.)It is advisabale to only have sex after marriage,if you think of sex as a symbol of true love so that at least you would stand a higher chance of securing true love if .But at the same time, you might have to suffer deeper scar when you find out that your other half marry you solely for sex.As the chinese says, with greater hope and attachment comes the risk of greater suffering.Anyway, marriage is amazingly cheap these days.it only cost you a few bucks in legal fees to secure long term sexual pleasure, as compared to spending the same amount of money in escort services, which would only last you a couple of hours.

5.)Giving in to the demand for sex for the sake of maintaining a relationship is extremely absurb.It is a high risk low return investment because as i have said, loving a person for who he or she is and loving a person just because he or she is willing to give in for sex are two very different things.Sex should be seen as a reward for finding yourself a true love, not as a tool for you to secure true love.

Hope i didnt leave out anything.Yup by the way, having sex out of trust sounds to me like a fairy tale.It takes a particularly long courtship with preferably total abstinence to establish and to assess the degree of trust shared by the two parties.I am not saying that it s not possible, but it is rare.

Liy Liy said...

Hello Gentlemen,

Really really amazing.. U all really imply all the moral lesson here.. Support n argue.. Teori membantah and teori menyokong also came out d..

Henry, our comment are super duper long.. I hope that next week moral exam u r able to produce such answers.. Wish u best of luck..

Anonymous said...

henry, ur comments are full of points, cant absorb in short time.

but i dun agree that 'Sex should be seen as a reward for finding yourself a true love', sex and love are bilateral relationship. sex is natural action of love just like kiss and hug but these also improve love btw both at the same time.

provide intention to
love ---------------> sex
improve relation

sex is neither tool nor reward, it is just a medium. however, it has been abused by the bastard playboys.

sex is not a 'must' but with it, love will improve infinitely

Henry said...

beautifully said

sex is a medium to strengthen the bond between 2 loving individuals,meaning to say that mutual love has to be foundation for sex to function in such a way.

Failing to understand this concept would lead to the wrong use of sex to retain loyalty from the other party.

Anyway liy liy, there is no need to produce such an answer in exam since the discussion of issues in exam is only one sided.we just answer the wuestion. We dont argue or debate with anyone.

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

REally amazing..to all of you..guyz..comment..1st time saw so much comment...anyway .I argee with henry point that sex is a medium to strengthen the bond between 2 loving individuals...really failing to understand this will lead to wrong use of it..

Liyliy..haha..we must apply what we study and use it correctly..but anyway those model .use for business.Its still not appropriate to apply in this topic..as love is for both side..we cant evaluate based on our own ..only

Finally..all the best to you all for this coming exam.

Anonymous said...

hey guys....
depend one whether u guys believe or not u all cn go to fb n add him
when he c hot chicks he sure msg u n sy hi to u...
his name in fb is 'eric essenza lim'

no doubt he is a playboy...question is y chicks still attracted to him
is his sweet talks and
he claim himself is a boss of a music studio in pv7
n bla bla bla
he is really play n sleep with many gurls be4
i knw him personally n i hate his egoness n his attitude towards sex

at last fuck him
n i juz wanna sy tht this statement is true !!

SamSeiko said...

Don't stay anonymous if you want to claim that your statements are true. Reveal yourself and let the authority do their job.