~June Kuan's 21st Birthday a.k.a Junichi~

Pictures uploaded by BiTing
Illustrated by SamSeiko and BiTing

Picture taken at Wang Min restaurant. This gathering at the restaurant was the first place we had before we went to Station 1 Cafe.

What happen to SheeYin? WanLing why u try to tidy her hair??? very messy meh???

oh... it's because wanling want to help jiejie tidy hair for taking pic... 1,2,3 chick chak..

did junichi look like the bear inside the birthday card??? LOL!!

^^ the card suits Junichi as he is always been called as Uncle.

Junichi was touched/moved while reading the card that we gave him...I think he want cry jor...

About 19 People attended Junichi's 21st birthday gathering until midnight 1am.

Why was his face like this and being taken into photo? I think this photo trying to show you that he saw his TRADE PAYABLE, he was shocked!

There is a story behind the picture. These two fella had been separated by a plant! that is why the pic included plant and they both were playing with the plant too! Hard to tell you how they do it but it is easier if I can show it to you =)

Yenling yell"ouch!" Wah.. Junichi.. u dare to bully yenling when so many gals were there??? You thought you birthday boy really so big meh??? You don't how to write the word "die"??? keke...

BiTing : haha.. junichi now scare or not??? This is the "bao yin" of bully yenling lah.. still dare bully gals again??? wakaka...

SamSeiko : Let me fill you in here, you do not have a chance to bully or punch Junichi on weekdays or weekends. So the only day to bully him was his 21st Birthday, thus what are we holding back for? Just got for it and punch him :P

Too many!! I cannot fit into this picture! UGH!!!

BiTing : What were they trying to show????

SamSeiko : Damn sure these two are Yin Yang brothers!

BiTing : Hey, Mr Ong... what so funny make you laugh till like that??? it seems like nobody choi u leh.. u tis is call syiok sendiri lah... GG

SamSeiko : My reply to BiTing!! Mr Ong is cool that is why he pretending COOL now!!

3 guys VS 1 sweet gal... u see... shinyin so happy... keke..

It's not easy to make sure the candle lights doesn't went off
so Junichi tried to protect it with his bare hands.
Junichi had a wishlist just for his 21st birthday so he have not finished wishing the candle blown off, rumour said after the candle blown off means your wishing is done!!
So Junichi trying to keep candle lights on.....

As you can see Junichi is watching Kean Hung and he suspect Kean Hung might do some trick on him....Actually he didn't and he only help to light up the candles. I can tell you that Junichi knows someone is trying to play trick on him.

There you go another suspects....Au Yang and Ken. HAHA everyone is laughing away but the plan of smacking Junichi face with cake is still on the run =)

Somemore is RED HANDED!! You are finished loh Ken.

That's gonna hurt their eyes, and to tell you the truth they had a hard time washing off the cream...

SEE!!! Told ya! Pity Ken lah because he was the only one who push the cake and no one else help lolz. Even his shirt was covered with a little bit of cake.

wah... JiaHong, are you trying to "qiang jin tou "?? funny lah your looks... keke...

This is the effect or consequences after the plan being carried out. The cake last seen was on Ken's face then it's on the road.

this is the Junichi's FOSSIL watch with it's box... chio leh... keke...

After the cake-smacking now it's Junichi turn to show off his WATCH, FOSSIL! Man i tell you so big and stylish, who can resist?

SamSeiko : Sorry ah Junichi he doesn't have boobs leh what are you trying to grab?

BiTing : aiks.. is it junichi trying to act as a gay again??? don't loh.. 21st bufday loh...

Of course SamSeiko won't lose to Fossil lar, therefore Sam show off his Seiko watch!!

haha.. don't you all think why ken's handsome hair become so funny jor meh??? this is the consequences of playing Junichi lah... ken, u see lah.. set for few hours de hairstyle gone jor liao lah.. keke..

Last destination we gathered on the very day. Station One Cafe.Pic taken before we all went back home.
(June 22th, 2008 is his genuine birthday date)


ken said...

uncle i really sacrified my face and my hairstyle just to smack u...no ppl help me somemore!!!gg...but biting ar, i so pro 1, my hairstyle oni gel for 5 minute nia.!!!

junichi said...

I think before u smack u should know the consequences ady. So next time think twice before do something on me. ^^V

ken said...

i ady think twice, i just cant forecast u move toward me no nd think twice nia

samseiko said...

haha gg...i too inside if not i sure tolong u ken! solo play no song de....they all scare kena so lari hiding liao =__= but overall we all had fun =)

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

haha..at 1st uncle dunno ken is the one try to smack him wan ...uncle somemore suspect me tim ..haha..lastly ken solo "smack down"uncle face to the cake..
Ken u really brave i "pei fu" you..
early think tat uncle will angry tim.coz.he kiss the cake about few second.luckily nt.
anyway we enjoy tat nite^^