*~~Green Box Gathering~~*

Green Box Gathering is here!!

I tell you this picture is taken by me and I can tell you the situation was that Shee Yin and Ken so love to take picture until singing also want take picture.....

That Biting "ngan qiu qiu.....BM call mata juling.......English call arrogant.......chinese call LANSI" See Chee beside her still smiling like nothing happen....

Actually can you all show other sign beside the "V-Sign"? Can mar? Don't always peace peace :P

Woi Junichi bangun lar.....apasal nampak mengantuk ni? Come karaoke should be energetic not like want to sleep!!!

Ken please don't pretend like you don't want the photo taken.....and you guys see Eelyn so serious with singing until don't even care someone taking photo..

See another person so love photo taking......that is Biting loh take photo until like that....

After playing the game(a competition held by GreenBox) and he won a balloon and a poster. Now he trying to be a warrior.....Hello this not online game please behave ^^

Junichi too pro until the staffs from Greenbox also want to take photo with him....

See the staffs even play along with us showing SILLY FACES!

Limited edition balloons that's why they want to hold it and take photo....

I was just help promote the balloon since everyone is holding the balloons except me T__T

I don't know how to describe this photo any clearer but GAY

I think this is like receptionist there taking photo because there is a phone beside.....

Erm i think it's clearly show that Eelyn trying to seduce Junichi, don't you think so?

Ken "fa hiao"

Told you Junichi is pro...... He gets another staff and this time is female to take photo..... Junichi can you please don't take all the female and left some for me and Ken?

Ya after Junichi then another person Kong Fei went take with her.....Don't want to lose out(Rugi kalau tak ambik gambar)

Looks like they know each other for a long time...

One album only straight can take photo.....I am jealous lah i admit because cannot take photo with her....

That's why end up taking photo in group.

One description "EVERYONE LOVE GREENBOX" that's why everyone take turn to take photo embedded with GreenBox brand name!!

Actually I pity Junichi because he wanted to pose like that and take photo but everyone was not cooperating!!

So end up no more pose, and take photo like normal, sigh why only got 3 limited edition balloons? This photo was taken by a teenager who was waiting for his turn to go in room to sing karaoke but don't know he lucky or not kena Junichi order to take photo.

Junichi how pro also no use, you see everyone bully him now....He looks like Santa Clause

After the Karaoke, they all went for dinner, of course without me because they choose to have dinner far away from my area T_T

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ken said...

finally updated post jor!!! yalo.. tat junichi really beh paiseh 1... wat staff oso can let him gao dim...pui fok pui fok...yam geng yam geng!!!

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

haha.ya lo..junichi kao dim that staff..until photo wif him..really geng..but we cant always puji he wan ..coz..later he will fying without wings wan ,hehe..

about the V-sign ,,sure we wan peace la..onli u mr ong .wan wars onli ...haha.we love peace wan u know..haha

Ken "fa hiao" wan got any futher elaboration or not..i dun see is Fa hiao la..like trying to say something good haha,..

conclude that mr ong ur once again done ur good job to success tis blog after back from denggi.look for more ur interesting stuff.(cant puji u too much oso"coz u oso fying without wing s wan ) haha