Is it really his problem?

After a discussion with our big brother, Junichi.....SamSeiko found out something that is very intriguing and shocking too.....bad news to some of us lolz

This is our current tutor teaching style right? Correct me if i am wrong

**ask us read
->we explain the paragraph
->read the question then ask for our answer otherwise he will wait til we answer

I would like to suggest to

**ask us read(point which student to start)
--->ask us explain(if we can't then he should explain in details and provide mini lecture if possible help recall)
---->read the question(interpret the Question then tell us what it wants and how to answer it)
--->last ask us answer(can wait i don't mind since it's 3 hours tutorial but then when we answer wrongly he should tell us how to improve and what is the correct answer)

I personally think it is our problem because most of us came UNPREPARED! To blame it all on him it is so not fair to him! I hope we will change our attitude since now it's year 2 and all subjects are core papers.....Let's think about it again....Shall we?

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