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The official Timeline in Facebook will be launched next week! Thanks to Taylor Hatmaker, Tecca who wrote this article step by step to teach us how to enable the Timeline so we can try out the unofficial version a.k.a buggy version so be warned about the bugs and trouble you might face when you install this Timeline into Facebook.
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Get ready to become an unofficial developer

1. Go to your Facebook page and use the search box at the top to find the official Facebook Developer app. Typing in "developer" should bring it up as the top choice. After you select the app, grant it permission to access your basic information by clicking "allow."

2. Now that you've got the Facebook Developer app installed, you'll be brought to a welcome screen. Click the "Create New App" box in the upper right-hand corner. A pop-up box will appear titled "New App." In this box, you need to input an App Display Name and an App Namespace. This sounds confusing, but it doesn't matter what you enter here.

What you type really doesn't matter

Once you've picked a few words and plugged them in, you need to check that you agree to the Platform Privacy Policy (read over it first).
Note: To complete this step, you must have a verified Facebook account, so if you get an error message, you can follow Facebook's instructions for completing this step.

3. You should then be returned to the developer portal's homepage. Look in the left-hand column and click a link named "Open Graph" to access the page titled "Get started using Open Graph." Now you'll be prompted to create an action for your app. It doesn't really matter what you type here because you aren't making a real app anyhow. Just choose an action and a noun, like "read" and "magazine" then click the "Get Started" button."

4. Scroll to the bottom of each of the following pages (we counted three) and click "Save Changes and Next." Don't worry about the content of these pages; it isn't relevant for your Timeline test drive.

Once you've clicked through and saved on each page, you should be returned to the dashboard where you began (you can tell because the app name you typed in earlier should be at the top). Now you're almost done!

Just wait a couple of minutes and then return to your normal Facebook homepage. Facebook should now recognize that you've registered a developer account, and you'll be prompted to try out the Timeline at the top of the page.

Also, be warned: It doesn't appear to be possible to roll back to the original profile pages after you've enabled the Timeline. If you have any concerns or doubts about this process, you'll probably want to wait until the official release begins next week. If not, click "Start Tour" at the top of your Timeline and start exploring!

via Yahoo! and Tecca

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