Mr Tan Distributed 20 "AngPow"

Yeah yesterday our Mr Tan Vooi Giap, currently lecturer of Financial Decision Making (FDM) in TARC who was once our AFA 07/08 P1 (Professional Accountant) tutor had distributed 20 angpow to whole AFA during the FDM lecture.

The angpow inside consist of RM 1.00 MEGA(under Sport Toto) the picked numbers were said to have fengshui! Nowadays everyone is talking about fengshui in AFA, maybe they can ask Joey Yap(Malaysia) or Master So(HK) to come use "Lo Pan" to find out the auspicious spot or directions...

Well the 20 angpow only distributed to the each of the group (total 12 groups), only received by class rep. The remaining 8 of the angpow i do not know who kept it =X maybe strike jor they diam diam took the money away =X haha

Anyway we must thank Mr Tan for giving us RM 1.00 angpow which if strike jackpot might get millions :D

p.s. Mr Tan if you are reading this, I am telling you the FDM is really difficult than AFM!!!

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