Accountant NOT Mathematician!

As you all know Dr Wong had been complained for not teaching the AFM properly! The students complaint her during the student dialogue that she did not teach how the formulas are derived and just ask the students to memorize only! Although she started the subject in the first week by telling us how the formulas are derived aren't important, what important is the application.

We study AFM in financial accounting do not have to learn HOW the formulas are derived, you just have to follow the formulas and know when to use the formulas! I believe a lot of students will agree with me this is OUT OF THE SYLLABUS!

The students have to put their own effort by doing tutorials and read through the text book before attending her class. Dr Wong is right about this. If you don't put the effort and blame Dr Wong did not teach well? Dr Wong had done a lot of preparation before coming to lecture, she knows what are missing in text book and she analyzed what other reference book can help us "fill-in" the missing part...Why no one make a credit to her efforts? Sigh....

Dr Wong might probably leave us in the coming March 2009 because of this "derivation" matter. There aren't many AFM lecturers out there who would come TARC and lecture! She bid us "God Bless You All".... Just GREAT! I really wish that the person who made such accusation will come forward and apologize....You are so selfish(we all don't want to know the formulas derivation! ok?!)

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R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

Dr wong haha...pity lo ...kena ppl complaint..i thk tats not a matter of explaination of formulas la..whether she has explain properly or not still a formulas..who care wor...?jz copy and apply

i was wonder..whether i can complaint for other subject too...
again i wan to mention it ..(dun challenge the formulas)..haha