P1 - How to construct a case

Hi, here is one of the example of pilot paper on how to CONSTRUCT A CASE

I hope this will help you to figure out what does it means by construct a case in P1 (professional accountant) ACCA exam.

The specimen paper, for example, invites candidates to: Construct the case for JPX adopting a unitary board structure after the proposed acquisition. (Your answer should include an explanation of the advantages of unitary boards and a convincing case FOR the JPX board changing to a unitary structure).

This is not to say that unitary boards are better than two-tier boards in general but the questionis asking candidates to demonstrate a level 3 cognitive skill which, in this case, is to construct an argument (or ‘the case’) for the adoption of a unitary board at JPX

^_^ just my way of sharing my way of doing revision. Doesn't it feels good knowing that I am helping you to recall and doing revision with you ...?

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