ACCA Examination At the Edge....

I would like to appologize for the past few days the blog is unable to be viewed with Internet Explorer (IE), I could have fix it but I can't identify the error as soon as possible and I am having exams myself for P1, P2, and P3. Thus I had to leave it like that....for those who using FIREFOX will be able to view it perfectly.

Ok tell me how was the ACCA exams? I hope I can hear good news more than bad itself =)

Are the tips provided from tuition centres and text book publishers accurate? We should do some analysis about it...for me the P1 and P3 had pretty good tips accurately pin-pointed out. Well they are merely intelligent guesses so DO NOT BLAME people if you failed :P

Anyway let's pray for good result in coming February 2009. For those ACCA students who said "no hope" please prepare yourself in the coming sitting in JUNE 2009 :P

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