Get Ready Some MONEY!!

Yeah time to start counting the money you have and get ready to paid the amount for the next semester fees!! Which is RM 1,465...and for those who are facing resits in Jan/Feb please submit the form before 18 November 2008!

Already last semester still need RM 1400++, I thought it just cost RM 900++ because just 2 external subjects = (

Our next semester will commence on 15 December 08...5 days after ACCA exams.

In case you have no idea why...well read this

Week 7 is the CNY week. You may assume it is holiday and celebrate CNY. Kindly check with your individual option unit lecturers for replacements/progress test dates rescheduling arrangement.

Students MUST come back for week 8 on the 2 March 2009. It is approxumately a month's break in between week 7 and week 8.


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