F7 and F9 ACCA December 08 Tips - FTMS

All these tips are merely intelligent guesses thus it is not 100% accurate. Please use at your own risk.

F7 MYS Variant
Q1 a) Consolidation question
b) For this 5 marks question, use this past year question as a guidance to understand..
Dec 01, June 02, June 03, June 04, June 05, June 06, Pilot paper can get from Text books

Q2 Preparation of Balance Sheet/Income Statement
Study FRS 116

Q3 Conceptual Framework

Q4 Ratio/.Cash Flow, either one or maybe both

Q5 Theory question..
Maybe will come out from construction contract..

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Q1 - NPV, IRR, Sensitivity analysis, WACC (gearing, ungearing)

Q2 - lease vs buy, asset replacement

Q3 - account receivables management(factoring), over-trading, cash budget, risk management(advantages & disadvantages of over the counter & traded contract)

Q4 - Valuation(P/E, dividend), rights issue, ratio

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