Who Needs Scholarships?

Hey I have a news about scholarships, its' from JPA and MCA.

I am not too sure about the requirement yet but one of the requirements is FULL TIME studying. That means us. Have to go apply as soon as possible =) So who want to apply?

By the way, for those who are requested to pay back PTPTN loan, pay attention to this. My senior told me that if the letter told us to pay back but we are still studying thus we are unable to repay back now. The only thing left for us to do is to WRITE LETTER to the PTPTN office and ask them to review our applications again.

Don't leave me behind because I also not sure how......Will keep you guys update mean time please gather more information about scholarship and PTPTN loan repayment.

Thank You

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ken said...

i wan scholarship...wan interview de lo i think...wan see see MCA geh ppl lo i think...wan see see our skull office minta approval of study lo i think...wan see see ur study result lo i think...wan see see ur father mother minta income slip lo i think...wan photostat IC and Transcript lo i think...wan chop on the photostated IC and Transcript lo i think...wan fill a form lo i think...wan Q up to submit the form lo i think...i think is felli mafan lo i think...

siow wei said...

haha...y u so many i think de??
u think too much liao larr..^^

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

i wan to make sure about ptptn things ...mr ong can u give me more detail ...coz..the letter always send in and call us repay back the loan /./but we still study wat ..

if write letter did u hv some guildline how to write it?..wat is the address?..can u ask u fen more detail..thanks