This my 1st post ,because im no topic to post at i shall post some info about football la.. a reporter soon.(football news onli )....Last nite is the end of barclays English premier League last round...Champion is out jor..MU our champion ...which beat Wigan 2-0
1st goal is done by C.Ronaldo(penalty),second goal is done when MU substitute Ryan Giggs out ..and Giggs finally prove that he still be able to score ..haha.

Actually MU performance was not too stable .all the way round from UEFA champion league until now ....MU defense must be improve ...But this round final face this noob team .(Wigan)haha..ok la..woNt lose la..another match chelsea draw with bolton ..haha..i quite hapy ..with this news..i long long time din saw Shechenko score le..haha..actually he is a "water product " not really help chelsea a lot ...haha

For MU i duno wat to describe oso..but i feel that referee is more stand at MU side own feel onli wor..Tevez and rooney really boring la..Hello.they both cant score wan..i always saw Ronaldo socre onli ..hopefully next year they can perform better..

If u all have any disagree wif above statement ..FAST!FAST!FAST! COMMENT IT!i shall reply u soon..haha

(SORRY if there is any spelling error )

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SamSeiko said...

Although i don't know much about football but MU is not a noob team la haha....but chelsea oso pro why lose geh..main under table? :P

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

NO la..actually chelsea ..already bad than last time le..i dun thk chelsea is a superb team..but dunno why ..MU when face chelsea still cant win...hehe..fate bah ..

but chelsea player a bit suck la..i a bit hate chelsea coz..tat team dunno "hargai" player at all..last time my idol chespo always sit at substitution onli..

But oevrall all team pro than malaysian wan la..haha..maybe should opn a link to "pijak"malaysia team ..haha