Sing k ..

On 3 december, there were 11 of us went to sing k at green box sungei wang. we all going relax a while after clear 2 of our assigment ! relax ! relax! ^^ here are few pictures we took .

Money money out = relax and destress

before finish sing k, we all take picture for our memorial day . This is the 1st time i join them sing k, quite fun! ^^ see our pic all happy face and smilling away ... See they even take the food into the photo =_= want to tell us about the food is great?

You know for this SingK occasion they all had some do-over, such as clothing had changed to expensive clothing or new clothes, some even highlighted hair. But do not know why no one put on lipsticks leh....... See that Kean Hong sitting in front all the girls, want to pok mong who? :P hahaha

while singing song, peiling DID not 4get to see d camera man with a yeah sign.keke^^ REALL "si ai bin" see that juay still the same always focus singing macam artist (yang chen lin? gg pls)

yeah, lets us hv a hand sign of check it uot! hey, say ady, gals sit infront n guy stand behind.. y sinyue still infront? sinyue.. r u gal?? keke^^ Sinyue wan pok mong elyn? omg betul lah you!!!

yeah... take pic with whatever post that u want. keke! sinyue really wan be gal, still sit infront... zzzz... or wan pokmong let u all vote !!!

kian yong VS peiling, but duno y keanyong look blur blur all d time! KeeeeaaaaanYooooooong.. wake up loh!

yeah... 3 gals take pic 2gether... elyn, me n peiling... frens forever ya !^^

auyang Vs siaw wei.. hehehe... siaw wei higher than au yang?? opss... unbelieveable !

peiling Vs elyn.. yoyoyoyo.... pretty gal gang !

Me(biting) Vs peiling.. smile.. keke^^

Elite2Villain said : duno why got some girls luv to simply put electric eyes on camera !! save electric pls!

lastly.. frenship 4ever design by peiling... so pretty ! But all their eyes black black macam vampire!!!.....30days of


elite2villain said...


^^ sTupiD t|nG^^ said...

thanks ur support ... but d story not make by me.. i juz write some real point but that ken wai tambah garam tambah cuka geh... so anything unsatified with wad he tambah.. juz add ur comment here to scold him ... o u wan beat him at coll aso can! keke^^

elite2villain said...

beat here enuf jor dun beat at college i scare guys and girls i oso rape leh >_< i very hungry geh :P

biting ask me tambah garam 3sudu i said 1 sudu she said tak cukup lah zzzz then she behind add cuka..... gg mou?

wan cincang her just comment here!! lalalala~~~

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

haha...1sT time biting post izzit..story quite nice lo..must surport la..haha..luckily im Not the popular guy,..sO dun add cuka for me o..Im KNow mr Ong are story teller."hehe,u thk who i wan to pok mong 1st "hehe..watever la..That day i really enjoy it and Hoping for next round gathering..Thanks ya.Biting

yin said...

no more my pic at there leh....u all buli me leh....
but tis is peik teng post de so must support her loh....

ken said...

bi ting = 必顶(in cantonese) mean sure support...
her name oledi ask us must to 顶her lo, so i must come here to 顶her oso de.. peik ting 我顶你个X..

^^ sTupiD t|nG^^ said...

haha...thanks u all.. so happy u all put comment here...

kenwai: dun luan luan say hor, i din tambah garam nor cuka ok? i juz buy d vegetable n u cook it.. in d cooking process i do nth ok? go gg pls!

jiejie: we all din bully u wor.. juz u wan yoga so nid back early.. we all got u back late a bit one , but u say u scare jam wor.. but nvm lah, still hv 1 more year times, can take till u vomit lah! keke^^

ray: aiyok.. siapa tambah garam n cuka u know de lah... no nid i mention de lah! keke^^

ken: "peik ting 我顶你个X.." herm herm... wad u trying to say ya?? zzzz... gg pls!

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said... ..i OnLi realize..KEn always mention wan 必頂is who as u all know la.the everywan pls surport biting post wor,..haha..i not scare people tambah cuka and garam everybody come here and 頂頂頂lo..Mr ong dun silent oh..wait for ur next story ,coz.u r story teller..

elite2villain said...

aiyo i just wan to be an ordinary guy.... >_<

Ok la next post new story lai liao... hope you guys will come read it lor, we shall always update the blog!!


ken said...

bi ting : 我顶你个X..
u dunno wat is the X ar??? as ms leong say : use ur IMAGINATION lo..
no nid i mention out de la..

elite2villain said...

haha omg mat X mat X? wakakakaka dun be so noty lah ken

biting dun imagine it lar really 9lat if u go imagine xD

chee said...

wa...long time i din log in here le..nw edi hv so many ba po things le?!!

bi teng ...good job many fans support u!!
kent:..nw i oni nw u so......haizz(imagine urself la)
Angel: wa...seldom c u join speak out in this blog woo..welcome welcome!!

kent said...

chee : i always imaging de lar..u wan say i am so proooooooo rite??? haiya.. i so huminity 1.. dun say so loud..later ppl dulan me jor..haha
angel: actually he so talkative de.. haiya.. chee u dun say till he so pudency

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said... jOin here .because wan "Pat Kua"a Bit lo/...u R riGhT KEnt I Love talkAtiVE..One daY No talk Dunno waT will happEn tO me..mAYbe will crazY ..haha..BuT It NoT sHow tat i always pudEncy ..


SInce eveRyboDy so loOk Up me>.i WIll TrY my beSt to view thIs blog ..and surPorT iT..As faR as i can.haha

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

Im so young that time...really those were the day ..