~~SeeChee's Birthday~~

This picture was taken at KongFei's rental house. sien la ask jor smile geh, this sei zai Kent want act cool no smile =_= GG pls!! And Birthday girl hand sign blocked Stupid Biting face, block 1 eye so can take care those people who she want seduce! GG la
Takde benda yang special only teeth paling special.....semua nampak gigi very putih
=_= aduh want to be Kamen Rider? 2 Kamen Rider and 1 Ultra-Girl.... I tell you all no more pose jor, that's why use this 4 year old pose XD wahahaha
Se Golden actually want give middle finger geh, he covered up by touching his eyes, Don't tipu liao la, you very rude geh always give people middle finger!

Look who is so happy holding favorite cake? The person who take this picture for See Chee really geng.... Make sure background all dark and no one is taken in this picture except birthday girl....bravo

Aiyo having steamboat also got paparazi take my photo, really hard to run away from paparazi ~.~ Actually this picture you saw just 2 persons want to bully Junichi only..... but guess again on the next picture....
Here comes another one, Biting lai liao.....Plan B commenced 3 girls vs 1 guy, although they all were in the same assignment group!! Junichi knew he will be the victim so he put a PEACE sign before he got mushed up

SEE! TOLD YOU SO! Junichi had no chance to enjoy his ice-cream ~~~haha
This picture seems like telling us that Junichi was beaten badly or his tooth is aching...not sure which one but either way he is the vitim in this plot~~~ Pity

Another victim.... Sam got invited in and get bully... See Junichi scare no time to finish his ice-cream, he quickly stuff the cone into his BIG MOUTH!

This two person, I don't know what to say..... hey want to become virgin please go far far sikit, I am afraid later people will come borrow your virginity zzzzz don't involve us in also

Just now Kean Hong want to be virgin, now make out with Kent? aduh, somemore Kent show that he is pregnant?! OMG?! Let's wait he comment about this XD wahahaha

Helo!!! That day was See Chee's birthday not you two lar why you two take picture with the cake? later spoil leh
See Chee jealous jor, see you two taking her cake and take picture without her inside.... KongFei trying to give a lot reasons zzzzzz mandrine we call it "JIAO BIEN" =X wakakaka

This Shirley ar always do something weird geh, take attendance meh?

"Tutor : Shirley?"

"Shirley : Yes"

"See Chee : GG LAH!!! Take picture lah!!"

5 Flowers steaming at Telephone Restaurant.... All wore shorts, scaaaaare hot ar?!

See Chee don't know what hand sign to put, so I taught her..... but this picture shows that she was teaching me more than I was teaching her = ="swt

Siaw Wei and See Chee......This ugly hand spoil the picture....
June Kuan tiok bully till no face see people edy..... Please save him wakakakaka

wah... all eat eat eat... u see Ah Beng's mouth belum habis lagi, dia nak ambil lagi... haiyok.... Woi don't so greedy lar!

all come on... eat eat eat loh.... No more politeness, only HUNGRY GHOST!!
haha... did u all notice that Ah Beng keep eating all d time?? every pic captured he was having some food in his mouth... Really greedy lar, didn't know he was so hungry...

Pei Ling and See Chee wanted to feed each other, not very often you can see girl feed girl XD

What happen to See Chee and Shierly??? Macam See Chee ordering they all cook for her? lolzMr Kent with his sexy smile~~~
Aiyo I was so full lar, still need to keep eating...... later cannot move.... this time cannot run, paparazi really take my picture wakakakaka paiseh
yeah... we all come to celebrate see chee birthday... take a shot for memory... happy happy !!
woo.... see chee bbq till so happy... see chee, u ok bo? fun? o happy so many ppl celebrate for u??
aiyok... junekuan... know ur mouth very big lah... no nid open ur big big mouth to take pic lah... keke ^^

"ngan chiu chiu" apa? want seduce people? Save electric pls!

jiejie Vs junekuan... why JuneKuan looks like "sau nv xi nan hai" in this pic leh??? so geli ... *vomit*
"Kong Fei : wanna eat bo??"

"Ah Beng : I not enuf eat leh!!!!!"

See magic....now you see Sam behind.....

Now you don't see Sam inside the picture....

like Chipsmore "now you see it, now you don't"

*UPDATED*wah.. really look like chipsmore... u see.. Sam appeared again... but... he look so weird... like a ghost.. wakaka... done u all think so????
p.s. Elite2Villain : this is all si biting buat geh...want me get no girls T_T


chee said...

Wakaka....first thanks a lot to my fren who celebrate my birthday with me de!!!!!thanks thanks thanks aaa.....hehe

Jie jie: U wan die aa...dare to send my ugly picture to biteng?!!!! i noe it is very funny de la.but can u plz go GG!!! DELETE IT LA....=.=

Biteng: First really thanks alot to u la...tat day bbq u edi sacrifice urself so much le...take photo for me!!! thanks la:D
Nw i only realise tat day u seldom take picture la!!hehe..thanks...muakz

BUt........But....u aso go GG la!!!!!!!!!dare to put my ugly picture inside?!!DELETE la........PLZ
I still SINGLE la.......i dun 1 tat!!!!!!!!!

Mr ONg: thanks u la...story maker!!!!!! u really so geng la...write so much unreal story inside!!!! Wat ultra girl ooo????
delete tat picture la.....so ugly!!!the next 1 lagi ugly a....tat day i jz play oni...DELETE DELETE DELETE.......=.=

BUT ANYWHERE.....really thanks biteng , ken wai, n my sister to create this blog for me!!!!!!!!! THanks:D

junichi said...

why no thanks for me geh? :<

elite2villain said...

@seechee: good lor you happy then we will do more of this more often....remember "you happy, we post more" wakakaka

@junichi: you takde join helping also pun....very teruk tak help edit ~.~

for the rest of you remember to vote at the poll sincerely, share those laughters with others

tomorrow I will put a poll about "WHICH POST YOU THINK IS THE FUNNIEST?"

^^ sTupiD t|nG^^ said...

hmm.... is time for me to put some comment support my post liao... wakaka....

chee: dun say like tat lah... me take less pic is ok de... cuz tat day u bufday me, not me.. so .. ok de... n we still hv 1 more years to take pic.. scare wad??? wakaka... aiyok.. those pic u look so cute.. wer got ugly wor?? who? who say u ugly in those pic?? who ?? tell me!!

kenwai: wad??? u no gal??? u got jor wor... ur yeeyee not a gal meh?? oo... i know jor.. ur yee yee is ur wife jor... wakaka.. congratz ya... wakaka

i hope for d ppl after see this post can put some comment here lah!!!

chee said...

lol lo.........
uncle: u do nothing ma!!!!!so hw can i thanks u ooo?!!!c, ken wai aso say like tat de....

ken wai: haha, yalo..yeyee is ur wife le la!!!y u still scare no gal??wakaka

biteng: is u la...i noe ur heart sure say ugly de..u noe cute aso mean ugly!!!!!!!!!!

elite2villain said...

@biting : u really teruk....she not my girl pls...not wife oso....wan put rumour oso make nice sikit ok? wan me add cuka or kicap? u pilih!!!!

@seechee : oic i add cuka and garam tak cukup? wan kicap ke? u tell me oso!!!


R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

haha...who is YEE YEE...mR ong..u bad bad lo....have wife din tell us...should express more..ur story teller but din tell ur story before..i wan hear ur story next update o..

why ..keeping say me want become virgin ..haha...and kent is not pregnant la...is kenyang ..^^

Junichi..No "gong xian"still at comment ask why nO people thanks he..haha..maybe ur "gong xian " is tat camera//bUt seem cant work at Kong fei home..but poor tat ..he always kena bully by gals..when viewing blog..

seechee : funnylo finally ..i can see it from tis blog..u really geng.become ultra gal save earth..and some ghost face to scare budak..u realize actually u can still become another 1 more character..maybe u dunno...wakaka

KEnt tat sexy smile really geng..hope took tis picture ..why i din realize it..haha///good..

Kongfei No need SAy la...always got a mouth talk "big word" onli..many comment and talkative at there.eat oso talk so many ..haha..talk tat eat more eat more..but finally oso lose to beng sang..

aT last ..thanks people post tis..and good creation for tat MR ong head..hehe.i really enjoy it ..tat nite..wish mei mei happy always la

elite2villain said...

@Ray : wei kean hong ask ur group mate and kongfei they all put comment lah....very boring la always we few ppl comment zzzz

ken said...

yoyo.. tat sexy smile pic y not like me geh!!! i got so sexy smile meh!! GG plz..

ray u don wan argue ady.. u make me prenant still don wan admit it.. u GG..T.T u so bad..

take ur responsibilty to take care me and ur child...

chee said...

gg lo.......kean hong u aso say my another character can scare budak?!!!gg la...they all dun 1 delete it!!!=.=
nw let me tell u who is yee yee la!!! yee yee is Ba_g_aR lo!!wakaka

ken wai: no need tambah le la!!!! u lagi tambah kicap, later i will kill u once i c u again..haha

ken said...

wah.. ken wai ar!!! got lau po liao diam diam la.. summore is our class de .. u GG.. no tell us ..how long liao???.. u 2 senyap senyap at class no talking each other.. rupa rupanya play underground!!!!!!

elite2villain said...

lolz is all i can say. if i got laopo i sure put the pic here lah lolz...no need so secret -___- wei wan talk rumour about a girl pls choose lengleng for me lah....

angel face with devil body woohooo i luv it...seechee wan kill me jor, i think after exam i baru add kicap lah =X wakakaka

wei all study la and post up some method or notes after you read leh....dun selfish

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

haha....GG lo..mr ong...KEn say ur wife is our class wan..related to Lrt station name wan izzit..haha ?.u dun let me guest right lo..nanti ...haha..tell me more about mr ong..story pls..

thanks for people provide mr.ong story...

meimei:..haha..u really hv another character ,..ur ghost face quite interesting..but cant scare me...

Ken..haiz,,since no galfren ,,no choice la..terpaksa play broke back la..i will take care of ur child and u wan ...wakaka

last time..will talk more about biting and jiejie too.coz..tis topic .they seldom say anything.

reminder again.for those who walkthough our blog ..pls drop down comment and more participate o..thanks..wish exam good luck

elite2villain said...

aduh...suddenly giv me a story.....but ths story no leng geh...bo song!!

kent really bisexual zzzzz

biting ar i wan add kicap on u and seechee jor...u two make me no face jor zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ALL BULLY ME!!!!!!!!

^^ sTupiD t|nG^^ said...

haha... kenwai... tis one not leng?? den u wan which one? i help u make leng leng geh story!! wakaka... tell me d name i help u...