Lies and truth about MyEmail

Lies and truth about MyEmail

-----Lie #1:-----

The Government is investing RM50 million in this project.

Truth #1:

Tricubes Berhad, a private company, is investing 100 per cent of the RM50 million.


There are a lot of false and misleading reports, articles and comments in the social media that the Government is undertaking the RM50 million investment for this project. These reports are totally incorrect.

This investment for this project comes entirely from Tricubes. The management of Tricubes has committed that they will initially invest RM5.3 million and subsequently over the years, increase the total investment to RM50 million.

The Government is not investing a single sen in MyEmail. This fact has been categorically confirmed by the Prime Minister, PEMANDU and Tricubes.

The onus is on Tricubes to secure the initial and total financing required, either through equity or debt, failing which the commercial failure is entirely theirs.

The people who are bent on portraying this project negatively continue to ignore the truth and refuse to make any correction, and continue to mislead the general public into believing that the Government is investing RM50 million in MyEmail.

-----Lie #2:-----

The Government is forcing people to be registered to use MyEmail.

Truth #2:

No one is forced to use it. The service is completely voluntary. People who want to use the service just have to register. If they do not want to use it, they need not register. It is that simple, nothing more than that.


Despite numerous clarifications about this fact, the purveyors of these lies continue to make their baseless assertions. One must wonder why they continue to spread these lies and what their motives are for doing so.

-----Lie #3:-----

The Government will use MyEmail to contact the people as a mechanism to win votes.

Truth #3:

MyEmail is owned by Tricubes and not owned by the Government. It has nothing to do with communicating with the public to campaign and win votes.


As with any database (such as those owned by banks, telecommunication companies etc), all individual personal information and data is owned by the individual operators concerned. The use of such information can only be done with the prior agreement of individual operators concerned.

If this myth is to hold any water, then even Pakatan Rakyat state governments can use it a channel to propagate their messages as this service is similarly open to them. Clearly, this is a baseless assertion.

-----Lie #4:-----

MyEmail is a waste of public money.

Truth #4:

MyEmail is not a waste of public funds as the Government will not spend even a single sen in terms of investment and operating cost to run the email system. On the other hand, it is estimated that the Government stands to save at least RM200 million over 10 years.


It is easy to assert that sending emails via other providers, sans the authentication process with the National Registration Department which may result in wrong recipients of confidential information, is free. These detractors choose to ignore there are still two out of the original five cost components that need to be accounted for, namely extracting the information required from the database and presenting them in the respective formats.

-----Lie #5:-----

MyEmail was ‘awarded’ to Tricubes to rescue a ‘crony’ company belonging to influential people connected with the Government.

Truth #5:

MyEmail was conceptualised as an Entry Point Project in an ETP lab. Tricubes was selected via a competitive process, conducted by MAMPU and GITN, and participated by four other parties.


If anyone has any evidence of fraud and corrupt practices, they should come forward with the evidence.

-----Lie #6:-----

MyEmail is the equivalent of a long-term concession to Tricubes.

Truth #6:

MyEmail is neither a concession nor a long-term commitment which binds the Government to use it for all its correspondences to the public.

Source: The Edge
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