Powerful People in 2010 by "Forbes"

The picture only shows 8 powerful people in 2010.

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These are the influencers, who make the economy go around when they voice out! I might exaggerated but you get my point.

1st is Hu Jintao(胡锦涛). He is the president for People's Republic of China. And under Hu's administration China economy has experienced an incredible growth when he artificially lowered the RMB currency against USD, encouraging worldwide investors to invest in China's market. Of course Hu’s policy succeeded as a lot of investors set up their factories and business in China and exports the products to other countries. Regardless of the SARS attack and poisonous milk powder, China economy still blossom through the year 2010. Because of these, now everywhere you purchased the products it will be stamped with “Made in China”. Everyone’s happy because now the supply can be higher than demand!

2nd is Barack Obama. He is the president of United States of America. Being the first African American to hold the presidency and first who put all-out in election campaign through internet. Besides that, in America he implemented a few policies that can aid the financial crisis; one of them was economic stimulus (aka American Recovery and Reinvestment Act). Obama had even tried to fixed the damaged done by Bush’s decision in the past, which is the attack that siege Iraq with the proof of Iraq building warhead but now slowly Obama is withdrawing the troops from Iraq. On October 9, 2009, a very historical moment for Obama as he won Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

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Let's look at number 10, our founder of Microsoft; Bill Gates. In the year 2010 he has persuaded a number of philanthropic endeavors (total 40 world's richest people), to donate their majority of wealth to charities and good causes. The result of this was majority of them agreed with Bill Gates. He is now being full-time to focus on philanthropic acts in Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Next will be the Google co-founder. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, ranked 22 and 23 respectively. The magnificent Google’s algometric for your websites or blogs page rank, until today no one is able to crack their work! Bloggers and website owners are still trying to figure this out; regardless of the fussiness in page rank the advertisers used this to evaluate the cost for advertising in your blogs or websites. Recently their great work is the Google Instant “search-before-you-type”!

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Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook ranked 40. Quoted from Forbes –
"Zuck" runs network of 600 million "friends" who announce births, deaths, breakups, geopolitical revolutions, share photos and harvest squash 30 billion times a month. Site is second-most-visited worldwide, after Google; users spend over 700 billion minutes per month with site. Harvard dropout even runs his own monetary system--Facebook Credits--to facilitate transactions.
Yeah he is very influential indeed, the Facebook is a very addictive website of all now as you will “force” yourself login 20 times in a day just to check for updates and post on Wall. Even more addictive when you go for games! I guess it won’t be 20 times now because the access via mobile phone made you able to login anytime and anywhere. You can update your Facebook LIVE!
Recently there’s even a movie about Zuckerberg in “The Social Network” movie in 2010.

Julian Assange ranked 68 of most powerful people list. Julian’s organization is the WikiLeaks who was once an infamous computer hacker in Australia. WikiLeaks founded in 2006 with the aim to release confidential and classified documents are routinely made available to the general public. And recently the release of 400,000 Iraq War classified documents into the public been announced by Julian but still on pending as the government is discussing with him. He is definitely a great provocateur because he has successfully revealing misconduct in business and government.

Okay, that’s all my 6 powerful people in the post. Thanks for reading.

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[Source via] Forbes

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