March Timetable is Released!

The timetable released from SBS especially for AFA students must take note! Because that is not for Year 1 AFA but is for Year 2 AFA students!!

Yes the time has come for all of us to continue our course (last semester). Our course has temporarily stop at week 7 and now we continue from week 8... Hope everyone is prepared for this....

Too bad for AAT (TAX) subject you need to come on SATURDAY!!!

Do login TARC CEL to check the timetable....

UPDATES FOR AFM STUDENTS-----------FROM KANESH-------------------
Good day,
This coming 3 rd March , Tuesday 0800-1030 DKD will be our first additional class. Dr Wong will release the test results, go thru Bob Ryan exercise and start the lecture.
This class is compulsory for all AFM students.

It will not clash with TAX as TAX lec will be changed. Details will be known on Monday.

For Class Reps please forward to all the class members. Please SMS to reaffirm me that you have received this massage. Please stated your respective group when you sms me.

TQ and Have a nice day

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junichi said...

There are few changes in new time table.
1-Fdm tutorial start immediate after our lecture.
2-ME lecture time is change from 8 to 10:30
3-AAT on SATURDAY. Is it the replacement on tuesday means replace the lecture to saturday?

EliteVillain said...

don't know...maybe the SBS knows there are few subjects that needed some extra classes? Neh our Dr Wong got extra class lor....i see the timetable quite good la

Friday after 1030am can go home, it's nice...and Tuesday 4pm ...the rest of the days we have classes till 2pm i say the time it's pretty good...

junichi said...

pretty pretty good time table..
after 2pm can go home?
u sure bo?
no need discuss fdm2?

EliteVillain said...

lol...ever consider Online Meeting?? Eh I more worry they ask me come on Saturday leh...really no fair lor they got lecture I don't but need come for the discussion because they after lecture....I hope they consider me travel 1 hour plus to get there and discuss few hours really not efficient la :P please ONLINE MEETING....Let's use Skype and mic and webcam!!