ms Siow Wei's birthday

Siow wei's 21 b'day

Yo ladies and gentlemen,is time for bluffing..haha..but wait ,wait...... this time is different,the story maker is not mr ong, ken,ah hew or biting me ...(see below lah hehe)
Ok,31 july 08 is our good frend ms siow wei's birthday...after class about 3pm (class end at 2.30pm + informal daily meeting outside the toilet 30minit)
we have our gathering and celebration at 小东方...

This is the story of that day

After siow wei saw the cake,her expression immediately become so *@+~`#!@# don't know is too happy, excited or afraid she might be 盖火锅 by us or she thought that pig hand (dunno who's)want to molest her..
hehe...but anyway i believe she was happy + touched lah..

After the birthday song and blowed the candle...siow wei was asked by guys to use mouth to picked up the candle(as usual)hehe.

As what u all can see,(no need me to explain lah),u know what happen lah hae...Ya, this is the intersting scene that everybody wan to see(actually not interesting also, jus for fun)haha, but compare to uncle's birthday this is jus a small case,the cake still is cake,still can makan,only kena siow wei's nose.
..maybe uncle felt hungry that day so do not want to destroy the cake,haha..

After made the 3 wishes which are:
1St -今晚白马王子骑着山猪来向我求婚
2nd -钱多到没位放拿去卖收旧报纸的lori

the star of that day begin to cut the cake...BUT... if u look behind,u can notice that uncle is 紧握拳头,老羞成怒,作状 want to hit siow wei?jus because siow wei is more 上镜than him.....
Aiyo uncle, today is not ur birthday mah..let others上镜today lah... haha

Yo,story pause photo taking section

Mr hew @ siow wei
photographer: siow wei ur eye too small, take the photo again. "kacha"
siow wei:ya meh?still can see the cake wor...

photographer:sorry,one more....This time is ah hew 咪咪眼,and smiling happier than birthday star,too 抢镜....can't...can' more... "kacha"
uncle: sorry sorry,im not purposely, is my old 毛病发作,下巴脱臼。。
siow wei:never mind,hehe..(smile smile) but inside the heart say(sei uncle,faster lah,otherwise i "kam" this cake to ur face ah)

Ar, finally....perfect picture!!

Siow wei @ kian yong

Siow wei @ chang nam

Siow wei and jie jie

Biting and siow wei
Biting: faster lah, i want eat and cake and go back home sleep liao,see my eyes,want close liao...

siow wei and Au yang

siow wei @ mr sam

siow wei @ kean hung

siow wei @ ms Elyn

siow wei and mei mei

siow wei and Mr ken, but why ciku looks like a 雕像?haha

Mr ken @ mr sam @ auyang master......again,someone is not "song" again..jus now is mr hew ,this time is ken...

Ken: i want to take picture with leng lui lah, gg! ask me to take with this two fellow..
Sam: I don't mind de, since leng lui also dun wan take picture with me!
欧阳爷:Dun want take picture with me? means not give me face lah,never mind,later i ask 10 kaki wait at downstair..c..

Is time to open the present what is the present..

WOW, is a beautiful hanger for necklace and earring..this is the present for siow wei 21 b'day..happy birthday hae..

Now is photo section for b'day star and all gentlemen...wait wait wait, i haven't prepare ,who take the picture?

oh,something happen,again, ah hew is not "song" again....

Mr hew:haiya,了不起meh,just a present mah,happy until like that,later i go buy another for myself..
欧阳爷: 来人啊,把这家伙给我拿下,太放肆了。简直不把我放在眼里。老子让你起不了,老子现在吃饱了有力揍人了!
chang nam: 是的,欧阳爷.

siow wei and 班草of AFA1

Smile smile...."kacha"

Note:look at mr ong's 表情,so 鬼马。。good good,mr bean now retire already,u can replace him...haha
健鸿:mr ong,ur pose is not funny enough,look at my pose,i always use this pose lay on the bed read CR ,after that can sleep immediately..

Now is the turn of our leng lui(班花) of AFA2 and b'day star

金马奖最佳女演员and four 最上镜大马小姐。。
biting: hoe beh,i want sleep liao lah,eyes want close liao lah...

得奖影后and 4 pretty ladies + big big angpao!!(inseide has no money but a lot of wishes,满满的祝福) (^ _ ^)
Biting was wake up liao this time ,because she heard somebody said" last photo".....................for ladies and b'day star...biting,listen carefully lah..

Before we end the gathering, we have our group picture.

yeah, smile smile,1,2,3....Happy ending!

Have a nice day!!

Real birthday date should be on : 31st July 2008


^^ sTupiD t|nG^^ said...

good job Quentin Lau.. but... u done bad thing one me.... zzzz... is d camera man problem... keke...

samseiko said...

Quentin u r very funny! Don't be afraid to make jokes just do it if you have the idea....鬼马 is my personality :P Mr Bean retired i still lose to him >_< but i will improve!!

junichi said...

Gg.. Mr Lau Kian Yong please don take 下巴脱臼 as a joke hor... :@

ken said... u scold me noob la???

samseiko said...

haha so fast got 4 ppl response to this post funny lor quentin made round again ok? online more often leh afk nvm just online there so u can see our message mar...

Quentin said...

Haha, thx for u support....i think for quite long time de leh,of course funny lah...actually my mind have many nonsence thing, jus sometime too stress for study let me forget all the funny things..haha..(biting u wake up liao mah?) haha

Quentin said...

if got time i will come here more often de,post some nonsence here...haha

samseiko said...

U better come here more often lah then we all can have a good laugh no need so sien and stress lor

^^ sTupiD t|nG^^ said...

ooo... d camera man is u a ah kor??
hmm... quite noob one loh... kip take d pic tat i close eye...
other ppl take wont wor..
so u say noob bo noob...

yin said...

walau..Q: tis time is u 1st time to post something leh..good job..
very fuuny leh..and keep on post thing to here loh..dun so gaim siap lar..
biting:y all ur pic is close eys de..r u something wrong or..u got another meaning???

siow wei said...

hih...thx for posting the photo...
like the story aloot...^^
kian yong rupa-rupanya ada banyak 古灵惊怪 fikiran dalam otak...haha..good good..^^
thx alot 2 all of u..miz u all lots..

R@Y.^_^ @nGEL said...

haha.."Nia" finally..u are here to post your thing .u really done a good job here ..lo ..haha..i cant imagine u can thk so must funny things lo..hehe keep do it..gambateh ... u all can catch biting photo all continuosly wif the eye close wan ..really like kian yong say wan .."fall asleep" haha...

Yin:daikajie.kian yong is nt 1st time post stuff lo..can see how ur info update la..kaka.kian yong got post a stuff talk about their own asignment group conflict gossip wan.but tat time is serious wan la..tis time is joke wan ..^^

sam :so many ppl are pro than u u oso wan keep in good condition and always bring funs to us lo..brighty up tis blog..^^

samseiko said...

@ray: yeah i need to improve edy if not i will be far behind tats why i put more effort jor tis time XD