~~Kian Yong's Birthday~~

Today is kian yong birthday lol. First of all, have to apologize to kian yong because so late to post up the pictures.

Ken: we know that day is kian yong birthday la. No need so excited at there "sau ji ji" geh.
Kian Yong had made a wish that we all pass in our exam. We all have to thanks to kian yong because he sacrificed his birthday wishes to us. *We all = the 9 ppl attended nia* :P

Oops, kian yong looked regreted to sacrificed his wishes to us. Aiyo, kian yong don so kiam siap lol.

Emm, sorry for the two ppl who push kian yong head because u 2 are under arrest. This pic will be used as "cheng tong zheng gong".

Oops, the day after tomorrow..........
Wei, "dai ga jie".. SIAM LA!!! Ppl at there taking group2's pic but then u wan kakacaucau pula. You thought "dai ga jie" no need die meh. Please la, here is KL not Penang, OK?

Finally, they 4 can take a pic without disturb from "dai ga jie" Say yes to peace!!

All the people who attended kian yong's birthday celebration. Those who didnt come at there "geh si geh si" said want study at home. Pui.!!!!

Walao, junichi u drink "yes tea" nia. Why look so blur?

This pic look like kian yong is feeding his doggie ray.

ABC : junichi, why ur eyes so big?
junichi : sebab ada orang cakap mata saya sangat kecil dan suruh saya buka besar sikit.
ABC : Oh, yuan lai ru chi.

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elite2villain said...

sumore need ppl say at yamcha baru post up...i cannot be held responsible becuz i dun hav the photo so blame junichi for that!!! WAHAHAHAHA