one little of tear

Based on a true story!! '1 litre of tears'. Its really a very touching japanese drama portraying a 15 years old girl suffering n fighting bravely a disease called spinocerebellar atrophy, a neuronic degeneration of the brain.
Not a Special Girl, Just Chosen by a Special Disease.

Both young n old, male or female can watch.
Touching voice : Why did the disease choose me?
i cry 6 times in a nightT.T
Recommand it not for u to cry together with me, but to let u release our college life's stress..hehehehe


junichi said...

Emm, u save into pendirve to me lo..
i also wan to cry ady because i wan to release myself..
Beside, whoever wan to cry toghether with me u may register now....^^

yin said...

wat tis movie talking about?
very bo mah ar????y cry so many time????